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VEX Photography Online Challenge Sponsored by VEX Robotics

The VEX Photography Online Challenge was introduced in 2015 and received 196 submissions. Since then, this challenge continues to receive the most Online Challenge submissions every season. In this challenge, students submit a photo that best represents what they love about being involved in robotics. The challenge is to upload just one photograph that tells a complete story, focusing on a favorite aspect of VEX IQ Challenge, VRC or VEX U. The chosen photo should convey an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Perfectly Balanced As All Things Should Be

Team 5327E makes sure that all of our members contribute to our team equally and even if one member is not there, our entire team would collapse. We all work together to make things happen. We also have fun at our meets and make it a point to take breaks and have fun together. 

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