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VEX Photography Online Challenge Sponsored by VEX Robotics

The VEX Photography Online Challenge was introduced in 2015 and received 196 submissions. Since then, this challenge continues to receive the most Online Challenge submissions every season. In this challenge, students submit a photo that best represents what they love about being involved in robotics. The challenge is to upload just one photograph that tells a complete story, focusing on a favorite aspect of VEX IQ Challenge, VRC or VEX U. The chosen photo should convey an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


214B Working Together to Win

At our first competition, we won the Judges Award. We never expected to win any awards, but we got judges. We have worked very hard all season and we are hoping to make it to the State Competition, or even the Worlds Competition.

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Exceptional Mentoring Moments


Exceptional Mentoring Moments at Loyola Blakefield


I started VEX robotics when I was in 6th grade and now I am a junior.  I joined my older brothers’ VEX robotics team and he and I spent years building robots together. Over the years we have attended multiple local events, state championships and traveled twice to Iowa to attend CREATE.  This year it is my turn to be the team leader.  It was a privilege to “pay forward” all the mentoring that I have received. 


Benick Mbaya




This picture shows Jakiyah from the "The Brainy Bunch" very frustrated. She is frustrated because she was making measurements for the website ''Tinkercad'' and none of her measurements were working right for the "Make it real CAD challenge" and that made Jakiyah very frustrated.

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Finishing the Robot


After planning, creating, and testing, we finished the robot. It was kinda difficult to choose the right robot for the the game. We had to build  a different robot because the first robot did not work very well. We had to find the best fit for the game. After testing, we see that "Clutch" will be the best robot for the game.

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Shred the Competition!

Shred the competition with the new ShredBotz robot!

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We Love Our Robot!


We love our robot. No matter how the robot performed in competitions or how good or bad our robot is, we built the robot as a team and loves the robot with all our hearts!

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The reason I picked this picture is because it shows two girls making fun out of learning. 

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