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VEX Photography Online Challenge Sponsored by VEX Robotics

The VEX Photography Online Challenge was introduced in 2015 and received 196 submissions. Since then, this challenge continues to receive the most Online Challenge submissions every season. In this challenge, students submit a photo that best represents what they love about being involved in robotics. The challenge is to upload just one photograph that tells a complete story, focusing on a favorite aspect of VEX IQ Challenge, VRC or VEX U. The chosen photo should convey an emotion, specifically the feeling you experience when you are doing what you love most.


Daily Struggle


In this photo, I am thinking of what I should write for our daily meeting minutes. I am frustrated about what to write. 

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The Beauty of Robotics


This image represents that the Engineering Notebook documnets evrything on the robot and the team so I decided to take a picture of the robot and the notebook to show what the notebook does and how it can help the team. 

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The Robot

Our robot that we built and have been using, this is our favorite bot

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214B Photo Challenge

The picture represents our team being dedicated and winning our first trophy of the season. We all were very excited about that because that was a good way to start our season.

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Me and my secondary driver in finals while scoring 104

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Frustration in Building


We couldn't do it without our robot.

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Learning cyber security


Our team went to George Mason for the cyber security program. We learnt about what cyber seurity is and why can it be important. In this picture we were using our computer to do challenges related to cyber seurity such as using wire shark to recieve packets to have a chance to win raspberry pie. 

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Girls Team Robot Development


We gained teamwork thoughout The Girls Team, as we collaborated, our responsibilites were shared. In this picture, 3 members of the team were replacing the wheels of our bot, We did this to improve the wheels, as they were coming off of the Axels. It was shot that was unexpected, as one of the members broke to a smile.

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Our season started off with a competition that was running an hour behind. One of our very energetic team members took it upon herself to try and turn the delay into something positive. She decided to get the crowd pupmed up by creating a sign for the DJ and getting the crowd to do the wave.  Things began looking up! 

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Working on checklist

Alondra is working on the checklist. She is preparing and checking the robot for the next qualifying match.

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