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VEX IQ Girl Powered Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

Girl Powered is an initiative to redefine the face of STEM by creating a more inclusive environment for all students within the robotics community. Together, with the support of the entire community, we strive to encourage equal participation of young women and men in competitive robotics. We want to use this challenge to show the robotics community at large just what it means to be a Girl Powered VEX IQ Challenge team!

Things to keep in mind for a successful submission:

  • When you hear the phrase, Girl Powered, what comes to mind? How is it reflected in your team’s approach to robotics?
  • Share how your team took initiative to create a more inclusive environment that attracts a diverse group of students.
  • Share how each team member tried various roles on the team (designing, building, driving, programming, strategy, awards, etc.). Explain what you learned through this experience.
  • How do you believe diversity of perspective changes your robot design, your team chemistry, and even your ability to succeed?
  • Who is your STEM role model and why? Does this person inspire you to have a more inclusive team/program? How?

We want compelling, engaging stories that give us insight into how you’ve taken the Girl Powered initiative and incorporated it into your experience on a VEX IQ Challenge team. The benefit of having a diverse team becomes apparent through your individual stories.


VEX IQ Team 56445C Girl Powered Story


Girl Powered means many things to our team. Please see our attached response to this challenge. We hope you enjoy our story! 

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Is There Anything Girls Can’t Do


Vex IQ Girl Powered Online Challenge

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At every practice and competition, we try to represent what it means to be Girl Powered and give equal opportunities in robotics to everyone. 

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3204B Heather Skiffington Girl Powered Entry


This is Heather Skiffington's Girl Powered Entry

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Girls in STEM - to inspire and be inspired


This is a compelling story on what Girl Powered means for team 92H.   It is an insightful essay on Girls in STEM - to inspire and be inspired.

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Together We Go Higher


When girls work together, we can soar!

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Girl Powered


Being the only girl on the team can be tough. My robotics journey is about gaining the confidence to help my team succeed.

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VEX IQ Girl Powered: 10173C HBS Vortex


This essay includes our fantastic journey through the world of VEX and Robotics and how our all girl team has girl power! We empower and encourage each other as girls and we show through our experiences and essay just how successful and amazing girls can be. We strongly believe that our team completely embraces the girl powered initiative and reflects it in our approach to Robotics. We hope you enjoy and find our essay thought provoking and encourages girls in the field of Robotics and STEM. We also hope by you choosing our essay that we can represent girls in STEM at VEX Worlds....