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FUTURE Foundation Design Challenge

The FUTURE Foundation exists to advance robotics and technology through education. One of the most promising areas in robotics engineering for the next generation will be in using robotics for entertainment and amusement. The FUTURE Challenge for 2011 is to design and build a robot or robotic machine using VEX components that entertains and/or amuses. Your robot may either be an entertaining machine itself or it can be a working scale VEX prototype of a larger machine. An elegant and entertaining engineering solution demonstrated using VEX is the goal of this challenge.



Can You Recycle?


For the Future Foundation Design Challenge, Team 1437 decided to take a timeless classroom game and add a spin. We designed a robot students and adults of all ages can enjoy. With a simple game called "Can You Recycle?" and our Trash-bot you can enjoy hours of fun.
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Our Entry


Yup. It's our amazing robot. Keeps 3 year olds entertained for years.
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Vex Iron Man 2


The "Vex Iron Man 2" is a really cool robot that I have built at home. As any teams who attended the All Star Challenge in Orlando will remember, We originally tried to compete in vEx roundup with this robot...FAIL!!!. After Disney, we decided to make this robot more of a show robot and a promotional robot for our team. Our team (429a and 429b) would occasionally have build days at my house to help out. The programming for this robot was done completely by our team programmer, and the addition of sensors was also a team decision. Here are some quick specs of the robot: - It...
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Tennis Ball Retriever


My entry for the Future Foundation Design Challenge is a tennis ball retriever. This robot is operated remotely with a VEX Cortex and VEXnet joystick. A v-shaped funnel guides the tennis balls to the intake rollers which are powered by two motors. Another motor powers a chain that pulls the tennis balls up a chute which dumps them into a basket. The rear omni wheels are powered by two motors programmed for tank controls.
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How Now Robotic Cow


This cow game was designed to be used as a fundraiser at VEX events. We thought this would be an entertaining way to pass the time while the judges finished their deliberations. Contestants select a letter or number chip. The field is divided into 36 squares. The contestants that hold the letter or number matching the location where the cow randomly deposits tootsie rolls win a prize.
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Vex Vending Machine


The VEX Vending machine is the product of Rebel Robotics at Haralson County High School. It was created for the use of the local TSA chapter to raise funds to attend TSA conferences. The whole process from design to completion took months and money out of our own pockets. We have taken the machine to the GAETC and the GA Fall Leadership Conference to showcase it.
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Kamikaze Puck


The Kamikaze Puck is a robotic puck that is used in a game similar to Air Hockey. In this version, a flashlight is used to control the puck. Different size flashlights can be used for beginners, novices, and experts.
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Team 1138's FUTURE Foundation Design Challenge:...


For the future invention challenge team 1138 Eagle Engineering decided to do something fun based on something that everyone loves: chickens. We designed a robot that the whole family can injoy. Our robot is called Robo-Chicken, and it is very fun... for everyone.
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Bear Bot


Team 4542 (Ursa Major)’s robot built for the 2011 Future Foundation Design Challenge is called Bear_Bot. It entertains and amuses by performing tasks such as dancing and playing the piano. It can also mimic the arm movements of a user who is holding the VexNet joystick. BearBot is a humanoid with a holonomic drive base in place of legs. It has full range of motion in both arms and two planes of motion in its head. It can bend at the waist, and strafe or turn in any direction. Bear_Bot is powered by 8 servos and 5 motors. There are 4 servos on each arm and 2 servos on the head. There is...
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A pair of laser tag robots; please see our essay.
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