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VRC Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team that has created and submitted an outstanding team and/or VRC promotional video.



VRC 2012 Promote Award (Team 6088)

This video covers the design process for our robot, and promotes VEX to the community.
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2011-2012 "What I Like About You" VEX...


From Carroll County, MD, the Super Sonic Sparks 4-H Robotics team (Team 24 in VRC) shows the world what they like about VEX in a promotional video that's fun to dance and sing along to, featuring the music of The Romantics with "What I Like About You". Through programming, driving, design, community service, and so much more, you can explore what possibilities VEX holds for your future.
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Vex is...


GCEC; 2918e entry, from Glenfield College NZ.
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Monticello's Vex Robotics Commercial


Commercial promotion for joining Robotics Club.
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Sweetch - VRC Promote Award 2012


Sweetch Teams 1118 & 1119 from Mexico City
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"Have you ever seen the rain?"


With this video we want to make people ask themselves: Have I ever seen the rain? Have I ever face it? ... This rain which was unable to stop the girl to fight for her dreams symbolizes the difficulties we face in life. At the same time, the boy didn't want to face the rain and chose to stay locked inside home surfing in the internet. In the end, the girl and her team had the reward for having been engaged, while the boy who wasted his day on the Internet realized that he lost not only a day, but a great chance of his life. During the video, we can see the interaction of the team, the...
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Wolfpack Robotics: The Challenge


After 4 years, three world championships, more than ten community science events, and constant challenges, see why Wolfpack Robotics is still going strong, and learn what it takes to be a true Vex Robotics team.
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The Value of teamwork


This year our team has faced many challenges, in the face of these challenges our team did not shudder or give up hope. Instead we came together and worked harder than ever to overcome these challenges and we grew together as a team. As a result of our team coming together and giving everything that we had, we have qualified for worlds and are slowly moving up the Robot skills chart.
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Saints Robotics 2012 VRC Promote Award Video


From brainstorming and building to competing and holding demonstrations, Saints Robotics uses VEX to spread the value of science and technology. Learn more about our team at:
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Omni Eagles 4000 VEX Promote Video

Omni Eagles 4000

This is a promotion video for VRC Team #4000 - Omni Eagles and VEX.
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