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Autodesk Inventor® Digital Prototyping Challenge

Using Autodesk Inventor, design a VEX robot that performs a task falling under one or more of the following categories: industry, science, exploration, medicine, or law enforcement.





L.A.R.I.E. is a large Angry Robot who Insists intruders Exit, and helps keep homes safe
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Pipebot is a robot designed to travle through and inspect pipelines
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bomb disposal bot


This vex bot falls into the catagory of law enforcement. This vexbot can be used for bomb disposal.
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Why is there such things as ATV's? They clearly are not an all-terrain-vehicle. I would definitely consider this robot an 'ATV' though. It can simply climb up stairs, or even go over obstacles taller than itself with ease. This robot features a very unique 'triple-wheel' drive train, mining drill, and a high-power gearbox with arm. It also can be conveniently run off of one cortex and batter! This robot is very versatile and would highly suggest it for all land-earth explorations!
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Oil Mapper v.1


This robot was designed to be a part of a swarm to accurately map out an oil spill using gps. The robots will navigate away from oil to map the area and perimeter by sending data to a central computer on a ship or in a lab. This robot has the ability to move omnidirectionally to prevent wide turns.
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A robot for the military, to use against the opponent.
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Spelunker Bot


Spelunker bot falls under the category of exploration as a cave exploring robot.
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The ButlerBot


The purpose of the ButlerBot is to perform remedial tasks allowing the doctor to maximize time with the patient.
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Team 2114a Robotic Crime Scene Investigation:...


The R-CSI: A is used to document the scene and collect evidence in buildings where arson is suspected and where the building has been deemed unsafe for a human arson investigator to enter.
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The BoomBot


The BoomBot is a disposable military/police robot. It is capable of destroying targets by detonating 5 Lbs. of C4. It can also perform reconnaissance.
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