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VRC Promote Award

The Promote Award is presented to a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team that has created and submitted an outstanding team and/or VRC promotional video.



An Introduction To Our Team


This is a brief introduction video showing some of our competitions we have entered our robot and controls as well as what we believe we receive from being part of the Vex Robotics Program
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The Collective


VEX robotics is not merely an individual effort. A proper VEX team requires input from a multitude of sources and truly takes a collective effort to be successful.
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Vex robotics promote video 2560


this video was created to help promote the ravens robotics team in ontario. we are a small team who use leadership, teamwork and engineering to have fun in an educational community.
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Team 3142 - Promote Video


The Paideia Robotics team promotional video for the 2012-13 robotics season.
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Panteras Video


Panteras promote video is about all the Panteras robotics team: FIRST Robotics Competition 2283, FIRST Tech Challenge 801 & 4892, and VEX Robotics Competition 801. Music from Imagine Dragons - It's Time. Contains a message from the Mexico's ex-president Felipe Calderón Hinojosa.
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2931 Promo Vid


2931's entry for the Promotional video challenge
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South Brunswick's vex team D Promotion.
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SBHS Team 750C


This is our promote award video for team 750C
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VEX Worlds Experience


Our robotics team focuses on two things… Robotics, and comic books. (To offer a little explanation Arkham Asylum is the prison for all the batman villains.) We are five-member team that is comprised of batman, joker, mr. freeze, catwoman, and the riddler. We had an amazing experience last year winning the middle school design award. With hard work and dedication your team can be world class as well.
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Wolfpack Robotics: Get a Vex


This year, we wanted to make something a bit different than the usual promote video montage. We also wanted to choose a theme for our video that was universally familiar, and we think that, especially for our demographic, no commercial series is more famous (or infamous) than the Mac vs. PC ads. We spent about a month scripting, equipment testing, and practicing, and another month filming, refilming, and editing in Adobe After Effects, Adobe Audition, and other programs. Watch and enjoy, and please try to give it the rating you think it deserves
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