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VRC Game Design Animation Challenge

Create an animated video that shows and explains a new VEX Robotics Competition game.



Spike Scramble - 2013 Vex Game Animation Challenge


Spike Scramble is a fast-paced, cube-flipping, spike-scoring game played with four robots. Removing spike balls from goals is not allowed, so teams must make good use of their spike balls to either deduct points from their opponents, or gain points for themselves.
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Capture the Flag


This is a game where strategy is key. It involves many key concepts from the common game of capture the flag with a few VEX twists. It was very fun to make this animation and hopefully it is next year's game.
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Tipping the Scales


Teams will need to score on floor goals or the two balance goals on the field. They will be scoring with cubes of various masses positioned on a two-story pyramid, with the larger masses higher on the pyramid. If the slate of a balance for one alliance goes down over a marker, they obtain bonus points.
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Trough Triumph


With moving goals and trough-loads of tubes, will you be able to fill and place one of four moving goals on the centre platform to score the ultimate points?
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VRC Seven Seas


A unique competition game design based more on field obstacles and navigating the field in contrast to frequent object manipulation or control.
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Spiky Pop


Spiky Pop is design of an arena of the Vex Robotic Competition 2013. This design incorporates balloons, fans and spike ball with robots working in pairs.
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'Round the Bend


Team 1138's Game Design Animation "'Round the Bend"
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Platform Power


This is Team 254's submission for the 2013 Game Design Online Challenge. Created in 3ds Max, Textures made with Adobe Illustrator and GIMP, Post-production done in Adobe After Effects. Music from "bman123" at Newgrounds.
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Buoy Brawl


Team 575 Exothermc Haiku is proud to present its entry for the 2013 VEX/RECF Game Design Challenge, Buoy Brawl. Hope you all enjoy, and good luck to all teams!
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Trench Warfare


Team Automata (2114a) presents our 2013 Design a Game Animation Challenge entry: Trench Warfare
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