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FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge

The FUTURE Foundation exists to advance robotics and technology through education.

Build a VEX robot to deliver trophies to award winners at robotics tournament awards presentations. Think of your robot as the helper that makes presenting trophies a fun and exciting part of the awards ceremonies. It is up to you to figure out how this would work, but it should be useful, creative and interesting.

The producers of the VEX Robotics World Championship may buy the winning robot in the FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge, for the cost of materials, and the robot may be used to present trophies at the 2014 World Championship!



FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge


This is our trophy bot for the 2013-2014 season.
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FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge


The Check Mates (VEX Robotics Team 512Z) have created a robot to deliver trophies! Operated by remote control, this robot can drive from one end of your stage to the other and carry several sizes of trophies. Let us know if you would like us to come to your event! (Austin and surrounding cities, please)
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Patriot Robotics TrophyBot


Patriot Robotics presents our 2014 online challenge.
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JackBOTS Robotics Trophy Robot

JackBOTS Robotics

JackBOTS Robotics Online Challenge Submission
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2990A's 2014 Trophy Delivery Robot


This is the 2014 Trophy delivering robot complete with an amazing "no bending" and "no reaching" system! Please vote for our entry because we are the best team in the world (other than your team of course)!
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Super-Size It! Trophy Robot


The Super-Size It Trophy Robot delivers both Vex and non-Vex trophies in a creative, unusual way. The robot, which start out looking like a shipping crate, expands into a giant sized VEX trophy with flashing LED VEX logo display. Up to 3 trophies can be delivered at a time, and Think Award, Tournament Champion, and Worlds sized trophies are all compatible. While at competitions, the platform of the Super-Size It! Trophy Robot serves as a convenient display stand for competition robots, or anything else one may wish to show off.
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Trophies Do Not Deliver Themselves


In a world where trophies need to be presented, only Mystique can deliver both a trophy and unfurl a championship banner at the same time. Holonomic drive makes maneuvering to excited winners with ease. The scissor is strong enough to lift many pounds of Sack Attack sacks allowing the largest Vex World Championship trophies to be lifted with ease.
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Prime Robitcs introduces Troph-E our entry into the FUTURE Foundation Robot Construction Challenge
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Spin Cycle


The "Spin Cycle" trophy presenter unveils your VEX tournament trophy in style. Surprise the audience when the doors open, your trophy rises and spins around to show off. Watch the awards banner unroll as blowing confetti makes for a party-like atmosphere.
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Tucker Robotiger's "Champion"


Our design is a prototype that we've come together to build and design. We've used full Autocad Inventor 2013 by Autodesk, and videos on the lift are displayed in the video. Hope you enjoy it!
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