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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge

Create a video to teach a new team something about the STEM aspects of robotics engineering or construction that you have learned from experience that can help them better prepare for a competition.



Vex online challenge Stem Video by 918 E


This video is an entry to the REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Challenge made by Team 918E. The purpose of the video is to show the importance of design in the process of building a wining robot.
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AGMA Stress Analysis

3946A Sun Devils

This video is 3946A's entry to the STEM Educational Video Online Challenge. It is a walkthrough of the math used in AGMA analysis, used to calculate the stress gears experience .
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6 bar and holonomic drive


This video shows the basic concept of the 6 bar and what a holonomic drive is. In addition we show off these 2 concepts in use. This shows the reason behind our use of our wheel setup how it causes the robot to move.
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VEX Robotics: How to Calculate Robot Drive Speed


Benton Middle School, Team 1231E (Erasers). 2014-2015. Speakers: Victoria A. & Riyanka R. Camera Women: Jillian M. VEX Robotics: How to Calculate Robot Drive Speed STEM Educational Video
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GitHub Tutorial


A short video detailing the basics of working with GitHub. This is mostly helpful to programmers looking for a way to effectively store code with lots of additional features for collaboration.
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How's My Driving

Wingus or Dingus

VRC 7682 Wingus & Dingus - How's My Driving? 2015 RECF Educational Video Challenge submission. Targeted at new teams this year we're introducing some basic joystick to robot/motor control options and having a little fun along the way. Choosing an appropriate joystick mapping is really important and often dependant on what style of robot you're building but there are some variations and extra features we'll show you.
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Calculating Inefficiency


In order to further perfect and make efficient our bot's design, our team used calculus to calculate the inefficiencies where the wheels weren't contributing or were actively subtracting from our overall turn capabilities. In this video, we explain how we went through this applicable process.
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183Z educational video 2015


VEX Online Challenge Educational Video for team 183Z for the 2014-2015 VEX season
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Lifts for VEX IQ


This video analyzes and compares different lift mechanisms that can be used for VEX IQ Robotics This version supersedes the one that was posted earlier. Something was missing from the credits in the last version.
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maintenance on my wheel?


VEX VRC ID TGZ5 Team tgz5- maintenance on my wheel? 2015 RECF Educational Video Challenge submission. Intended for new teams this year we are introducing maintenance for the wheels, to protect motors in driver mode, improve the accuracy of autonomous mode. Hopefully this video helps to have a better performance in the field and extend the lifetime of your wheel.
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