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REC Foundation STEM Educational Video

In order to help a new team better design and build their robot, create a video to teach them something about STEM concepts applied to robotics. Focus on the science, construction, engineering, and/or math of designing and building robots. You should come up with your own idea, but here are some sample ideas from previous years’ STEM Educational Videos:

  • How to calculate loads for robotics mechanisms.
  • How to build a specific mechanism such as a drive train or lifting arm.
  • How to best use specific robotics components in designing a robot.
  • How to use programming with the hardware to accomplish a specific task.
  • How to use CAD software to design and test your robot before it is built.


7121B Cable and Power Management


We are 7121B Mavericks and we wanted to make a video on cable and power management. During our process of building our robot, we spent a lot of time trying to fix the cables since some of the speed controllers and motors were not working. We wanted to make a video which shows a much more efficient process into the cable and power management.

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Beginner's Guide on Building a Clawbot

Ian Clavio

Are you interested in robotics? Do you want to build a robot? Well, VEX Robotics best suits to beginners.

Every time robotics teams recruits new members, they assign them to build Clawbots with a team. Don't know how to build a Clawbot? Don't worry, Nerd Herd Team 687A from the California Academy of Mathematics and Science (CAMS) will explain everything you need to know on how to build a VEX Robotics Clawbot.

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Gears and Gear Ratios


Our team created a video about the application of gear ratios in robotics and how to calculate them. This VEX season, we noticed that although most people know how to use gear ratios they often struggle to explain them mathematically, so we wanted to create this video to help others gain a better understanding of exactly how gears work to change a system's mechanical advantage.

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What are Gear Ratios?


5735B REC Foundation STEM Educational Video:

This is our team's entry into the educational video online challenge. For our entry, our team chose to explain the fundamental concepts of gear ratios (one of the most necessary mechanisms in Vex Robotics). We hope you enjoy, and that you are able to learn something from our video, regular viewers and judges alike!

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Split Brain Study

This is a video of our STEM research presentation on Roger Sperry's split brain study. In this study, the corpus callosum was split and the effects of this procedure was tested with patients. The language capabilities of the brain were discovered from this study and Sperry won the Medicine Nobel Prize in 1981 for his work. Click on this link to learn more:

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Introduction to Integrated Motor Encoders (IMEs)


The goal of this video is to introduce the use of integrated motor encoders (IMEs) in autonomous programming using RobotC. The benefit of IMEs over time delay programming is that IMEs give exact numerical data which can be reproduced exactly without regard for battery power. Many teams will find that using IMEs greatly improves the accuracy and reliability of their autonomous code!


Once installed, the IME provides much information by utilizing direct feedback from the motor. The speed of the motor can be determined by dividing the change...

Introduction to Controlling Lifts Using a...

Team Bext of the VEX 22283A's Educational Video...

This year's VEX EDR challenge, Starstruck, has a need of using some sort of lift to get stars and cubes to the other side of a fence. Team 22283A belives that controlling lifts is quite hard especially during autonomous, because gears sometimes doesn't have enough torque to make a lift stay at a certain position. Hence, our programmers developed a program template which would allow viewers to copy/paste our code to make an easy autonomous arm control. We hope to help new teams, like ourselves, do well in competitions...


The Engineering Process


Hello!  We are Team 4142 and this is our entry to the 2017 REC Foundation STEM Educational Video Online Challenge. 

This year, our team has decided to present the general concepts of the Engineering Design Process, a process which is rather fundamental to the development of any robot or program.  We hope that viewers will be able to grasp the ideas presented in this film, as well as enjoy the production! 

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