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Girl Powered: In Her Words Storybook Challenge

In marking the kickoff of Girl Powered, an initiative to increase the representation of girls on robotics teams, the REC Foundation would like to invite girls on VEX IQ Challenge and VEX Robotics Competition teams to create a story focused on their path in designing, programming, and building a robot or one aspect of their team’s development over the season. This is a unique opportunity for your team to share what’s most important to you, how you overcame particular challenges during the season, and, most of all, what it's like to participate in robotics!



Girls powered


Girls powered on line challenge.    Story book about my journey in robotics.

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Girl Powered: A Segregated Team


Girl Powered

A Segregated Team

By: Morgan Anderson & Florencia Damron

Our VEX IQ robotics team last year (2015), consist of 9 middle school students; four girls and five boys. Our coach decided that it would be better if the girls worked on S.T.E.M., and the boys worked on the rest (building, programming and the engineering notebook).  We did not think that it was a big deal because the girls thought that we would get to work on the robot later. We soon realized that we were not going to get a...

Titanium ENAE



This is a robotics team conformed by five girls among 15 to 17 years old, they belong to 10 and 11 grades. Titanium was created in 2011 under the name “Enae Science  and Technology Gateway”, our team has participated in several competitions in our country, in 2012 we went to the World Vex Robotics Competition in Anaheim California and to the science and technology fair in Busan Korea in 2015.

On the other hand we participated in an online robotics challenge “ Vex Robotics...

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We are the first all-girl team at our school. We have worked really hard especially since we are still learning. We have had amazing times working together and times when we get frustrated with each other. But we are one team and we all learn together and enjoy each other's company.

Many people think that girls only know about makeup, clothes, and hair. So, we decided to prove them wrong. We show that there's a lot more to girls than nail polish and makeup by designing, programming, and building robots!

Our team has failed many times, but we have...

From Juicebox to Jitterbug


Team 9225C hails from a small town in Alabama: White Plains. Rebecca Johns, senior, programs and builds. Alexis Alvarez, senior, updates the engineering notebook on a daily basis and is the team scout. Rachel Wise, junior, builds. This is Rebecca and Alexis's second year, while Rachel is still in her first year. 

Team 9225C was formed from when the girls split from​​ teams 9225A and 9225B. Boys from other teams had the habit of not taking the girl's ideas into any consideration, resulting in the split in January 2016, creating the first...