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VEX Game Design Animation Online Challenge

Create an animated video or simulation that shows and explains a VEX Robotics Competition game. This is your chance to get creative and invent a game within the requirements of this challenge, and demonstrate the game being played in a virtual environment. Construct a “real” VRC game that is affordable, easily constructed by volunteers, obeys the laws of physics, has understandable rules, is interesting for participants to play and audiences to watch.



Pillar Killer


Pillar Killer is played on a 12ft x 12ft field, covered by 2ft x 2ft foam tiles, and made by two alliances, one red, and one blue, each made up of two teams. The object of the game is to attain a higher score than your opposing alliance by Stacking pillars on top of pillars, by scoring cubes on stacked pillars, by scoring the most cubes on a stacked pillar, and for having the tallest stack. 


Please come back couple days/weeks before the submition deadline to watch how the game is played. 

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