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Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation

With ten years of VRC events and competitions, we know there are a great deal of old game elements out there. We would like to challenge teams to look in storage rooms, closets, and boxes to find previously used stars, Skyrise pieces, cubes, balls, etc. Take some time to think of a creative plan to give old VRC game objects a new purpose. Consider how you can make something to assist a teacher or students in a classroom, or perhaps something that can make simple tasks around the home or office a little easier. For example, we constructed a working floor lamp out of the Skyrise pieces while we were developing this challenge!


Robotics Recycling Online Challenge


     The thought process of team 6403F was that the best pieces to use were the cubes from Skyrise because they could be used to make anything. Ben wanted to make a chair, so we did! Once finished he sat down, it was a torture device! If we laid back the chair would have lost balance and collapsed. We took that disaster apart.

     The next robotics practice he tried again, but this time Ben did not finish. While he stepped away, possibly due to the bad design, it was destroyed. Also, in that model of the...

Skyrise Cube Desktop/Mini Shelf

Welcome to our Skyrise cube Table/Mini Shelf!


This Table/Shelf is made with table legs made out of Skyrise Cubes, along with shelves made by connecting Vex piece cardboard box cardboard to the two legs of the table, and a tabletop made out of Vex mats.

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Stack Up


We Pluto Robotics have put together a game that will test your robot. You will have to master all aspects of robotics to win. You need strategy, a claw that go go up to three feet tall and hold one foot long objects. You will need to go in correct and tight squeezes and have good aim. We would like to thank Mr. Patricks for helping us. Cristian Cano and Ben Heck worked on it and their teamates are Shane Wyman, Jonothan Armijo, Gunner Negrete, and Raghav Bhagat.

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Future Foundation Entry (8110R)

Vex Future Foundation Online Challenge-Ethan Rittmiller 8110R “The Knights”


Brainstorming:                                                                              ...