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Recycling Online Challenge Sponsored by FUTURE Foundation

With ten years of VRC events and competitions, we know there are a great deal of old game elements out there. We would like to challenge teams to look in storage rooms, closets, and boxes to find previously used stars, Skyrise pieces, cubes, balls, etc. Take some time to think of a creative plan to give old VRC game objects a new purpose. Consider how you can make something to assist a teacher or students in a classroom, or perhaps something that can make simple tasks around the home or office a little easier. For example, we constructed a working floor lamp out of the Skyrise pieces while we were developing this challenge!


Robotics Recycling Online Challenge


This is a couch that is very comfortable, it was made with parts from the game Skyrise.

The thought process that was made by the team 6403 F, was that the best pieces to be used are the cubes from Skyrise because they could be used to make anything. Ben wanted to make a chair, so we did! Once finished he sat down, it was a torture device! If we lied back the chair would have lost balance and it would have clasped in the back. We all  took that disaster apart....