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Three Wheel Holonomic


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Created: Wed, Mar 25, 2009 5:02 PM

This is my entry for the VEX Product Design Challenge. It is just a simply controlled holonomic robot.


This is the bill if materials.

This is the description of the robot's drive system and construction.

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   lyncas on 04/21/2009

house-hold activity ?

   sotsith194 on 04/15/2009

Thank you foster, for the positive comment. As soon as the competition is over i will post the code.

   Foster on 04/15/2009

It looks like you have the programming part down, that's the hardest part of this design. It would be nice if you submitted the code to. On the other hand it would have been nice to see the wheels supported on both ends. That would show how you allowed for space to add extra parts (arms, lifters, etc) to grow the platform.

   sotsith194 on 04/12/2009

As I said before the level of entertainment is in the eye of the beholder. In regards to the comments relating to the 360, I find it much more satisfying to create something myself than have it made for me. In my minds eye it would give me much more entertainment to spend my time creating an 8-bit gaming system than spend it playing something I had no hand in the creation of.

   sotsith194 on 04/11/2009

Entertaining in th the eye of the beholder. Imagine showing this to a person who has never even heard of let alone seen a holonomic drive. It would be magic to that person and give them hours of entertainment.

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

sure, being a Three Wheel Holonomic is something but what it does doesnt fit this challenge. it's not entertaining and it doesnt do any activity

   sotsith194 on 04/10/2009

This entry is aimed at being entertaining. It is more of a proof of concept because the coordination of the motors were very difficult to and required many hours of perfection as well as an extensive knowledge of trig functions