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Entry ID #: 13
Created: Wed, Apr 8, 2009 8:30 PM

RoboMaid is a robot that can do chores and other bothersome tasks. It can grab small pieces of trash with the tank treads, and larger pieces of garbage or pop with the claw. It also has an infrared signal jammer so you can be in control of the TV. Every house needs a RoboMaid!


This is the bill of materials for the RoboMaid.

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   sotsith194 on 04/12/2009

That is a very cool robot. I would recommend that you switch the physical button pressing with a transistor. This way you would make the robot more efficient. Other than that good job.

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

the components are ok but we havent seen it actually work, does it work