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Trashbot 1899


Entry ID #: 18
Created: Thu, Apr 9, 2009 5:52 PM

In the modern household, who has time to pick up trash and put it in the trashcan? That’s where the Trashbot(TM) 1899 comes in play. Designed by the ingenuous engineering team at Saints Robotics 1899, the Trashbot(TM) will help you pick up your trash and dump them into the trash bin – at a low price of $499.99.


Learn the exciting features of the Trashbot(TM) 1899! Features include: Holonomic Drivetrain, Preset Trash Can Heights, and No More Loose Wires!

The Bill of Materials for the Trashbot(TM) 1899.

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   Rick Tyler on 04/14/2009

Next year perhaps IFI will create a category for "Best Humorous Vex Robot Video." I'd vote for this one.

   edwardj on 04/14/2009

Thanks for all the comments. This entry is just for humor and entertainment - I'm sorry if you find it otherwise. If you want to look at a serious entry, look at our team promotional video.

   GoFoBroke on 04/11/2009

I like the holonomic, but come on. You could have put more effort into making it work with something other than cubes. Like say, actual trash :P (though the dump features are the same)

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

c'mon its just a game robot playing the game with the cubes labeled trash, it would be sad if this one won