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Cooler Bot


Entry ID #: 4
Created: Sat, Apr 4, 2009 8:59 PM

Cooler Bot is a robot that runs off the VEX Robotics Design system and The Pitsco Design system. It's job is to bring you drinks or snacks. As you can see in the video the robot is wonderfully designed to get bottled water. The String lift for the lid helps to keep you coldest drinks cold. This is a great robot for the on the go person in you life! Made by the Creators at Hyde Park Middle School. Enjoy ;-)


The Materials needed for Cooler bot to operate.

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   user10086 on 04/25/2009

this beat ours? w-o-w

   lyncas on 04/21/2009

i like all the awesome noises this thing makes !

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

only too true SCIOLY