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Vex Gallon Bot!


Entry ID #: 6
Created: Sun, Apr 5, 2009 10:24 PM

Greetings, My submission for the 2009 Vex Robotics Product Design Challenge was the "Vex Gallon Bot." The goal of this robot was to lift a full gallon of water/milk/etc. and pour it into a cup without any physical human input.


Here is a list of the necessary parts needed to build the Vex Gallon Bot and a detailed description of the Vex Gallon Bot.

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   lyncas on 04/21/2009

great job. How many gallons of water did you spill on your electronics before you went to sand ?

   Technic-R-C on 04/12/2009

SCIOLY: Once again, it seems like you did not read the description in the attached doc.... how bout you do that first before you do anything else.... OkIsOrinKim: and as for the claw design, i assure u it will hold a full gallon of water, rebuild it identically if you don't believe me and find out for yourself... note: its not sand Valve: the fact that it could spill water over itself is mentioned... please read folks

   Technic-R-C on 04/11/2009

sounds like you didn't read the description... Try that and then if you have questions i'd be happy to answer them! ;D

   jfeord14 on 04/11/2009

was that water or sand?