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Autodesk® Inventor 2011 Digital Prototyping Challenge

Using Autodesk Inventor 2011, design a VEX robot that performs a task falling under one or more of the following categories: industry, science, exploration, medicine, or law enforcement.



  • 1st: 2011 Autodesk Inventor Digital Prototyping Award, $750 gift certificate, and automatic team qualification for the 2011 VRC World Championship (if part of a registered VRC team)
  • 2nd: $500 gift certificate
  • 3rd: $250 gift certificate



  • This contest is open to students anywhere in the world currently registered in an education institution at the middle school, high school or college/university level, or to home school students younger than college/university level.
  • Designs submitted in previous Online Challenges are not eligible for submission this year.
  • The six finalists will submit their actual Inventor files to a special site for the final round of judging - the link will be found on this page at a later date.
  • Write a description, no more than 500 words long. This should include:
    • A statement of the design problem
    • An explanation of the purpose of your VEX robot, what it does, how it works and how its function would make it useful
    • Describe the design process from the beginning of the project in Autodesk Inventor to your final design, and explain what features of Autodesk Inventor were most helpful in the process
  • Create design images including the following categories:
    • Completed Design - Four Autodesk Inventor images (Front, Back, Side and Top views).
    • Assemblies - Three or four Isometric Autodesk Inventor images that illustrate the key assemblies making up your finished robot design.
    • Part Documentation - Three or four Autodesk Inventor images that illustrate the progression of a key significant part of your robot and how you built from sketch to the completed part.
  • Document the brainstorming and design process: three or four images of drawings that show your design process/storyboard progression, using PNG, BMP, JPEG, GIF, or PDF files.
  • Produce a YouTube video up to 60 seconds long showing the Autodesk Inventor design/construction of the robot. This could be an animated presentation (such as in Autodesk Inventor Studio) or it could be still shots with narration, captions, or some other means of letting the viewer know what is going on.
  • OPTIONAL: Build a VEX robot accomplishing the designed function to help show judges and address any concerns that the design is not "realistic or doable", but this is not required to be a finalist. This would be submitted as a second YouTube video, not longer than 30 seconds long.
Judging Entries will be scored by the viewing community in addition to a selected group of professional judges chosen by Autodesk and RECF. Submissions will be judged using the 100-point scale below.The community voting will determine four of the six finalists with two additional submissions chosen by Autodesk and the RECF. The six finalist submissions will then be scored with a weighted system including the community voting scores and scores given by selected professionals. This combined score will determine the Autodesk Inventor 2011 Digital Prototyping Challenge winners. Evaluation
  • 25 Points: Robot design: Is the design efficient, simple, and elegant? To what degree does the robot meet the requirement of being useful in industry, science, exploration, medicine, or law enforcement?
  • 25 Points: Does work show a high level of knowledge and skill using Autodesk Inventor? Excellence in use of Autodesk Inventor is a key criterion of the submitted design.
  • 10 Points: Brainstorming & Design Process Documentation: Do the Autodesk Inventor renderings do a good job of presenting the design?
  • 10 Points: Written description of the robot: Judged on clarity, thoroughness and design process
  • 10 Points: Overview images: Quality of the isometric images of the front, back, side and top of robot
  • 10 Points: Assemblies: Images that illustrate the key assemblies making up your finished robot design
  • 10 Points: Part Documentation: images that illustrate the Inventor progression of a key significant part of your robot and how you built from sketch to the completed part

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Wed, Apr 17, 2024 8:18 AM CDT


Mon, Nov 1, 2010 12:01 AM CDT


Sun, Feb 13, 2011 11:59 PM CST

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