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Autodesk® Inventor 2011 Digital Prototyping Challenge

Using Autodesk Inventor 2011, design a VEX robot that performs a task falling under one or more of the following categories: industry, science, exploration, medicine, or law enforcement.





How many people are in wheelchairs? How many have joint problems? Each of their lives could be made easier with an exoskeleton leg. The design problem was to build a robot in any of the given fields, ours was medicine. The exoskeleton leg is very helpful in that field. It could be used for people who are in wheelchairs or who have weak joints. It could be helpful in the law enforcement field, the exploration field, or the science field. The leg is geared for power. This would allow people to travel father without tiring. People could carry heavier loads. The exo-skeleton is designed to fit...
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The Vex Air Duct Exploring Robot (V.A.D.E.R.) is a remote controlled robot for exploring air ducts and tight places. It is very compact and makes use of a camera, light, winch, and claw to explore air ducts and see and grab objects.
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The Rookie


The Rookie is a bomb disposal robot designed to get the suspicious object out of the building quickly and efficiently. The .doc document outlining the more detailed summary of this robot is located at the bottom of the page.
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Mars Sampler Rover


Eagle Engineering, team 1138, has solved today's problem of exploration of not our planet, but others in our solar system by creating a Vex Mars rover. This rover can move across the ground of Mars, pick up samples with its shovel, put them in a test tube, and repeat this process four more times with double efficiency.
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VEX Urban Explorer


Exploration has always been made easier by the use of vehicles. These vehicles have always had to be capable of easily traversing many kinds of terrain. They haven’t always been able to conquer stairs...
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ChemBot 1000


Please see Word Document
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