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Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

The Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google is presented to either VRC and/or VEX U teams that make a positive impact on STEM education opportunities in their community through leadership, outreach, mentorship, and support. The winning teams made many contributions outside their own school or organization that helps students, teams, coaches or mentors. Contributions may span multiple seasons. Contributions are not limited to REC Foundation or VEX Robotics programs; they may include any robotics or STEM education program.

The submission will show the team’s impact on one or more of these STEM education opportunities in their community, outside of their own school or organization:

  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new robotics teams or start new STEM programs or facilities.
  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new students, coaches, mentors, event partners or volunteers.
  • Leadership or support for registered VEX Robotics teams, competitions, or tournaments.
  • Leadership or support for registered workshops such as Girl Powered events.
  • Leadership or support for competitions, fairs, or programs in any STEM field.
  • Mentorship for robotics teams.
  • Any other leadership or volunteer support in the community related to STEM education or STEM activities.

Additionally, the submission will be judged on creativity and quality of the video.

The submission will be a video not to exceed 195 seconds (3 minute video and 15 seconds of required credits) that highlights the team’s community-wide contributions to STEM education programs. The video will be posted or uploaded to a video streaming service, and a link to the video will be submitted through the REC Foundation Online Challenge website.


"Marrs IQ Outreach"


1073F "Styx" from Omaha, Nebraska sponsored two teams from a nearby elementary and two teams from a middle school. We hosted an all day workshop, Our team demonstrated engineer notebooks, building tips, programming 101, and key aspects of "Squared Away" to the students and their coaches. Our club registered the new teams and hosted them at our annual tournament. One elementary team won the "Think Award."

They will each register FIVE VEX IQ teams next year!!!

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Our Robotics Community - A 98807B Production



Our student lead club wants to promote the exposing of engineering to others through design, building, and programming robots. Come play with robots and learn the fundamentals of our club, and how we can be successful as a team. 


Our student-made video demonstrates us helping other teams, competing, building, and having fun at a Vex Robotics Tournament. The videos we used were recorded by our student using a DSLR camera, enhancing the quality of the video. This video also uses...

1965Y Supporting STEM


About Our Team
1965Y consists of Adam Taylor, Johnny Burrer, Andrei Nistor, Tanmay Panchpor, Iyad Hamid, Neil Thacker, and myself (Joshua Neela). Adam is our driver and helped build parts of the robot, Johnny built our gearbox and other parts of the robot, Andrei is another driver and built our tray, intakes, and other parts of the robot, Tanmay filled out our engineering notebook and helped build other parts of the robot, Iyad programmed all our code, Neil built our lift and helped build other parts of the robot, and I built the drive train and base...


Plastic Pilers


Our full site in it's intirety.


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Team 4154X Impact on Pahokee Community


Our team 4154 reached out to Pahokee High School, a school in need of support and guidance to help them develop their own robotics program to help them get involved in VEX Competitions.  For most of these students, opportunities in engineering and programming is a means to success.

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Robo Supremes Community Award



On this team there are six people and our names are Nyanza, Clifton, Liana, Takayla,Chauncy, and Carlton. Our team name is Robo Surpremes. This day was our Homecoming Owlfest. We decided to all go out and show our local community what robotics was all about. Cliftion was building our robot, Carlton was coding, Liana was working on our notebook and helping code, Takayla didnt make it, and me (Nyanza) and Chauncy went out and talked to the community. We would ask people and children if they wanted to see or drive the robots. This day ment so much to us as a team...

Building Community Through Robotics


9364Y wants to show you how their whole organization is committed to helping build the robotics community through outreach, mentoring, and community service. Through mentoring partnerships and peer-to-peer support, 9364Y and its sister teams promote cooperation throughout the local and national robotics community. Fostering growth in STEM education is the passion of our students and teams.

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"We're Always Ready"


The Innovators, having dedicated themselves to helping middle school VEX teams such as The Gainesville middle school to expanding STEM by starting Science National Honor Societies, share snippets of their impact on the community through a parody of "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen and assure everyone that they're always ready

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Impacting the Next Generation


Impacting the Next Generation

We are team 41091A Revelation Robotics. A couple years ago, we had a revelation. This revelation led us to outreach to our Northern Kentucky/Southern Ohio community, engage students in the area, mentor kids and teams, and impact the next generation.

This video shows our journey from start to present of how we have accomplished these goals through volunteering and...

Team 7983F Community Outreach


Team 7983F has been spreading awareness and interest in STEM throughout our community in many different ways. Logan has worked with his boy scout troop on his eagle project where he designed and build 2 wooden carts for a new Middle School team. Peter has also volunteered at a local science museum, working on LEGO mindstorms robots with young elementary level students, along with spreading interest in the VEX program. Our team is very active in the local competitions for High School and Middle School. We have put many hours into helping run high school events and...

Exothermic Creation Outreach


We are team 10C Exothermic Creation from Exothermic Robotics. We are a group of 6 girls passionate about about sharing our experiences with STEM with the community. Our journey in volunteering and outreach have spanned many seasons, starting from promoting robotics at an elementary school science fair to creating a Vex IQ Workshop for kids in our community. Our goal is to connect our local community using STEM and robotics.

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Outreach the community!


We are the 9623 WARP DRIVE program from Charleston, South Carolinas our program grows every year, we have made a reputation for ourselves as one of the teams who anyone can reach out for help, we are always reaching out to elementary schools, middle schools, and even community events such as fairs or local library events to show our program and introduce the younger audience and the older community to come and support other events and help others to learn and gain more interest into the VEX and STEM programs, we are currently working on making a more girl-friendly environment in our...




a team that is unique and dedicated, we strive for sucess and usually come pretty near

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Coder Dojo


Coder Dojo video for NSU University School.

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INVOLVED a film by 914M



This video is about someone who didn't start out knowing their passion but eventually found it. It’s about the journey that everyone must take to find their purpose in life, to feel fulfilled, and to feel accomplished.

Note that the voiceover for this video never said "VEX Robotics" or "STEM program". This was done intentionally so that the video can apply to everyone and not only those passionate about robotics, like us.

Thank You!

This video would not have been...

Robotics Worldwide


We are team 94927A from Morgan Hill, CA. We wanted to share the oppurtunity of robotics with others who need it. To do this we collected donations and started vex robotics programs both locally and internationally. We donated shipments to a school in Ghana, Africa and our team leaders taught the stuents there all about STEM during the summer. We then went to El Toro, a local public school in our community and introduced robotics to the students there. Later this January we are going to go to Sacred Heart of the Nativity, a school in the San Jose community to try to have a major...

Giving Back: By The Meme Lords


This video describes a group of young men from McGehee High School in Arkansas that take their robotics program and knowledge of STEM education and let others know how wonderful and helpful it truly is.

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Girl Powered News: Reaching Out to the Next...


This video demonstrates how Team 1868Z is reaching out into our community to inspire the next generation to develop an interest in STEM and consider a future career in it.  Open to all, but focused on girls, our outreach activities give participants hand-on experience with robotics and exposure to an all-girl VEX team. Modeled after a news broadcast, this segment of "Girl Powered News" shows how much dedication the team members put into helping young girls feel empowered to become part of the STEM community. Including footage recorded at an actual outreach event, an...

We are Remarkable: Girl Powered Impact on our...

Robohawks- Coach Lund

This #GirlPowered VRC team from Irvine, California hosted a girl powered STEAM camp to impact their community. This workshop brought over 75 elementary girls together to learn about robotics and being remarkable. Inspired by their own experience at the 2019 World Championship, Team 8838A used the “I am Remarkable” movement by Google to build confidence and spread girl power in their own community. 

This video showcases the girl powered workshop that took place on October 25, 2019. 

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Sloan Canyon Robotics Community Service


We are a robotics team from Pinecrest Sloan Canyon, a brand new school from Henderson, Nevada. We are passionate about what we do and we love inspiring others about Robotics! We hope you enjoy watching our story! 

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Team 44691X "System Overload" Community Award...


We are team 44691X "System Overload." We are based out of Wooster, Ohio. This is our teams 2nd year in Vex Robotics and we have made it our goal to set a good example for the community and get community members excited and interested in STEM education and robotics. We have accomplished this goal by showcasing our robot at local elementary and middle schools, hosting tournaments, taking part in volunteer events such as presenting our robot at the Schantz Makerspace, and participating at "Boo at Woo" where we handed out candy with the robot and got young kids in the...

Super Team 2250C


Our team 2250C is on the move helping other teams, motivating about STEM, going to beach cleanups by Pfizer, and working together as a team. Everything is better when working together.

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Team 35216E Community Service Project


We taught Girl Scouts Brownies about robotics and we tried to emphasize code and types of sensors. We explained how code is the language that robots "speak". The specific sensor we focused on was color. We used Ozobots to show a visual and tactile example of color sensors. They were shown how to make their code with coloring. Once they understood they coded the Ozobots to follow a path they made and do special moves with the code they put on the path. Once we finished we let them spectate our robots on the field to give them an introduction to VEX so they could one day join us....

UCF Knightmare Engineering Community Award

Hello, we are Knightmare Engineering: a first year VEXU team competing out of the University of Central Florida. Our team believes community involvement is crucial both in competetive robotics, and life. Because of this we went out of our way whenever possible to help those in our local community and ran our very own workshop event helping younger teams by sharing our expertise in all thing VEX. Thank you for your consideration.

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35216D community service project


We helped the girl scout brownies learn about sensors wich helped them earn 2 and a half badges. we did our project on them because there is a push for girls to get into the stem challenge. We tought them how to use Ozobots and how they use sensors

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35216D community service project


We did a project on teaching girl scout brownies about robotics to help them earn two badges. We did this because there is a push to get girls into the stem challenge. What we did was teach them about sensors. We did was take a complex system of ozobots and turn into there kind of laungage to do what we did.

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6526G - Damien Spartan Robotics: Community Award


This is 6526G's entry for the 2020 Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google.

In this video, we highlight the multiple community outreach Damien Spartan Robotics participates in. We follow the students as they discuss the multiple STEM programs Damien has started throughout the years and how these programs have impacted the community. From past collaboration with St. Lucy's all-girls High School, to Annual Summer Camps, and Middle School VEX IQ Grant programs, the Damien Spartan Robotics program has a huge impact on the community. Then, the students discuss the...

3631V The Vexens Community Outreach


We are 3631V the Vexens and we are a proud girl-powered team. After competing at worlds, our team wanted to share our experiences with our community. Here is our video!

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Team 33157A 2019-2020 Community Award


This is our video for new teams trying to recruit more middle school teams to compete in the VEX Robotics Competition. 

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3204E Community Award


Here’s how 3204E is engaging with our wonderful community! We know that our community has been instrumental in our Vex careers, so we’re committed to giving back to them.

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7316X - This Is How We Inspire


"There are two main things that prevent people from starting new activities; cost and age. Most people assume that in order to be good at something, you have to start in elementary school, like with gymnastics or soccer. Luckily, that's not true with robotics, in fact, as long as you have a keen and eager mind, you can start at any time. The Middle School Robotics Event is a perfect example of that, actually! Imagine that. One early Saturday morning a year, swarms of middle schoolers converge on the Firestone High School gymnasium, herded by Project Lead the way Students and...

Inspiring Boys and Girls


Team 2316 A, Tiger Robotics, from Arecibo Puerto Rico presents its Community Award video.  As part of our Community Outreach we began a series of workshops with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Arecibo to help them learn about robotics and to register their first team for the 2020 VEX season.  The Boys and Girls Club in Arecibo serves a community located in a public housing project in need for opportuniest like this one to engage the young into STEM activities.

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Back To The Community


We're 2602 G-GOATs from Hopkinton High School (Hopkinetics Club) and we wanted to give back to the community by giving a glimpse of STEM to young girls and boys. We also raised money for female education around the world in places such as India, Brazil, and Pakistan. We hope you enjoy the video of our award. 

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Team 35216A All Girl Team Outreach Project


     We are an all girls team from Pizitz Middle School. We did an outreach to the Girl Scout program, and helped participants earn three badges. Our station demonstrated the use of an engineering notebook, and we helped the girls build a notebook about a robot who's task was to make a bed. Their job was to figure out what the robot had to do to acomplish this task, and what parts they would need to build it. The Scouts also compared the skills their robot would need to have, such as lifting, dropping, and moving around, to the skills of simple...

Community Award Online Challenge Team #99402B...


This is the video submission for the 2020 Community Award Online Challenge sponsored by Google. Our team has spent valuable time spreading awareness for STEM throughout our community and through our STEM Advisory Board members. We have mentored new teams in lower grade levels and in the last 2 years, have gone from 4 district robotics teams, to a total of 30 teams. We have spent these last few years working as referees and score keepers as we hosted teams for leagues and tournaments.

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7983W Community and Outreach Video


7983W is a team that believes in giving back to our community. Whether it is through mentoring robotics students at local middle schools, helping out at local middle school and elementary VRC or VEX IQ tournaments, or by spreading girl power by hosting girl powered events for the Society of Women Engineers club, the members of 7983W do whatever they can to help and give back to their community.

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Legacy of Service


At first we were helped by others, then we paid it forward by helping others.  

We are proud to be a part of the legacy of service at Mary Our Queen School in Omaha, Nebraska.  We are team 985A (The Enlightened Luddites).

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Community Award Online Challenge Team #99402C...


This is the video submission for the Community Award Online Challenge for Team #99402C, Hurricane Katrina.

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Reaching Out: Community and Beyond


About Our Club: We are the G-4s, team 18891A.  We are the only 4-H VEX High School Robotics Team in New England.  Leadership and giving back to the community is what our 4-H VEX team is all about.  

About the Video: Our goal is to spread the word about the power of robotics and STEM education. 

  • To do this, we showcased VEX Robotics at the 5th largest fair in the United States, The Big E. 
  • To help expand VEX Robotics in the 4-H community, we mentored 4 new VEX...
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Inspiring Those Around Us


In this video, members of 7983T are interviewed and discuss how the individual members and the team as a whole have contributed to the STEM community. Topics of conversation include GirlPowered events, elementary school STEM nights, and competition volunteering. The team has served the community in many different ways, and they have touched the lives of many by introducing them to topics in STEM.

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Determining Our Impact - A 9421R Production


Vex Robotics VRC Team 9421R from Framingham MA, consists of CJ Crocker, Liam Donovan, Brady Levensohn, Tyler Garofalo, Zac Dustin, Nick Tessitore and Ryan McLoughlin. Along with being a successful robotics team, our goal is to enlarge our community and leave a positive impact on other teams and clubs such as 9791(a-z) and many more.

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16101Y Community Award Online Challenge



Team 16101Y was established for the 2018-2019 competition season and continues into this season. Last season we attended three local competitions, being in the top ten teams at two of those competitions, and qualified for states. At states, we were awarded the Design Award qualifying us for the Vex Worlds Competition, which we attended with two other teams from our school. This season we have attended one competition. At this competition, we won the Design Award and already qualified for states in Western Pa. Most importantly, our team aims to inspire others...

One VEX Team At A Time | 986A Grace Brethren...


Team 986A high school division has been in VEX Robotics since 2007. Since then we have assisted and volunteered at many competitions in 4 different surrounding counties including our own Ventura County.       

     In 2016 there was an explosion number of VRC teams and we started hosting VRC middle school competitions to enable the number of teams that we're unable to attend a competition in California. We were trying to fill a niche because there were not enough competitions to register the overflowing number of...