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Created: Wed, Oct 30, 2019 5:18 PM

About Our Team 1965Y consists of Adam Taylor, Johnny Burrer, Andrei Nistor, Tanmay Panchpor, Iyad Hamid, Neil Thacker, and myself (Joshua Neela). Adam is our driver and helped build parts of the robot, Johnny built our gearbox and other parts of the robot, Andrei is another driver and built our tray, intakes, and other parts of the robot, Tanmay filled out our engineering notebook and helped build other parts of the robot, Iyad programmed all our code, Neil built our lift and helped build other parts of the robot, and I built the drive train and base and I helped build other parts of the robot as well. We all participated and planned for our community service.    About Our Service As sophomores, we mentored freshmen in our club, but our outside impact was greater. We volunteered, coordinated and help support our school's Vex tournament, making sure everything ran smoothly. We also raised $342 for a local nonprofit, Lumity, in Chicago un order to help make sure teens who lack STEM education receive it.


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This our video showcasing our service.