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Created: Tue, Dec 10, 2019 4:35 PM


On this team there are six people and our names are Nyanza, Clifton, Liana, Takayla,Chauncy, and Carlton. Our team name is Robo Surpremes. This day was our Homecoming Owlfest. We decided to all go out and show our local community what robotics was all about. Cliftion was building our robot, Carlton was coding, Liana was working on our notebook and helping code, Takayla didnt make it, and me (Nyanza) and Chauncy went out and talked to the community. We would ask people and children if they wanted to see or drive the robots. This day ment so much to us as a team because we where able to show our community what we have learned and how much we love what we do in robotics.


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