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One VEX Team At A Time | 986A Grace Brethren Robotics


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Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 11:05 PM

Team 986A high school division has been in VEX Robotics since 2007. Since then we have assisted and volunteered at many competitions in 4 different surrounding counties including our own Ventura County.             In 2016 there was an explosion number of VRC teams and we started hosting VRC middle school competitions to enable the number of teams that we're unable to attend a competition in California. We were trying to fill a niche because there were not enough competitions to register the overflowing number of teams.      When VEX started IQ in 2012, there were no teams in our county up until the 2018-19 season. Our best solution was to start within our elementary school where we initiated the training of 32 students in building, programming, log-booking, driving, strategizing for the current game in the competition. We were successful to where 1 of the 4 teams created from one school (8889) made it to State and Worlds in 2018-19. Therefore there were able to increase from none to only 1 VEX IQ Elementary School in our county.     There was still a need for IQ in Middle School. So we researched our local public schools. The best strategy was to introduce ourselves to Valley View Middle School. It has the largest population of 3 middle schools in Simi Valley: about 1,250 students. So this is the best place to reach the most students to expose them to STEM thru robotics and recruited 2 more teams for the 2019-20 season. Now there is only 1 VEX IQ Middle School from Ventura County in the 2019-20 season.     Team 986A repeated the same process that we performed at the elementary school with the 7 students (2 teams) from Valley View and the end result is team 3347B won Design Award at 12-14-2019 competition and is qualified to participate at State in Los Angeles on March 14th.    Our goal is to expand more VEX teams in Ventura County in all divisions in VEX. Thus, One VEX Team At A Time.


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We, Grace Brethren VEX Robotics, were reaching out into our local community to help more people understand the field of Robotics and explore things that interests them. Giving back into our community and making a positive difference to others was really enjoyable. We are very grateful for this opportunity to help others and will keep exploring and reaching out to more people who are intrigued by robotics. One VEX Team At A Time.


   altcookinghub on 01/19/2020

Thank you for your time and effort in giving opportunities for others.

   tcleaveland314 on 01/17/2020

Great video!