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449X - Leadership and Outreach


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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 11:22 AM

449X is an brand new independent team from Riverside, California with two members. Though Tower Takeover is our first season as 449X, one member started out in the In The Zone season. For this submission, we wanted to show our passion for robotics and STEM fields and how we incorporated that into our community. In such a short time, we've been able to impact our local area through workshops and starting new STEM programs for others to expand their interests.


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Our video shows not only our initiative and support for local robotics competitions, but for all STEM fields and programs. We start by introducing how we planned out and collaborated on our outreach strategies this season. From starting a brand new FIRST Lego League at our elementary school to mentoring and supporting our own school's robotics team, we want to make a difference and inspire students with an interest in STEM.