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Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

The Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google is presented to either VRC and/or VEX U teams that make a positive impact on STEM education opportunities in their community through leadership, outreach, mentorship, and support. The winning teams made many contributions outside their own school or organization that helps students, teams, coaches or mentors. Contributions may span multiple seasons. Contributions are not limited to REC Foundation or VEX Robotics programs; they may include any robotics or STEM education program.

The submission will show the team’s impact on one or more of these STEM education opportunities in their community, outside of their own school or organization:

  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new robotics teams or start new STEM programs or facilities.
  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new students, coaches, mentors, event partners or volunteers.
  • Leadership or support for registered VEX Robotics teams, competitions, or tournaments.
  • Leadership or support for registered workshops such as Girl Powered events.
  • Leadership or support for competitions, fairs, or programs in any STEM field.
  • Mentorship for robotics teams.
  • Any other leadership or volunteer support in the community related to STEM education or STEM activities.

Additionally, the submission will be judged on creativity and quality of the video.

The submission will be a video not to exceed 195 seconds (3 minute video and 15 seconds of required credits) that highlights the team’s community-wide contributions to STEM education programs. The video will be posted or uploaded to a video streaming service, and a link to the video will be submitted through the REC Foundation Online Challenge website.



Team 35216A All Girl Team Outreach Project


     We are an all girls team from Pizitz Middle School. We did an outreach to the Girl Scout program, and helped participants earn three badges. Our station demonstrated the use of an engineering notebook, and we helped the girls build a notebook about a robot who's task was to make a bed. Their job was to figure out what the robot had to do to acomplish this task, and what parts they would need to build it. The Scouts also compared the skills their robot would need to have, such as lifting, dropping, and moving around, to the skills of simple...

Community Award Online Challenge Team #99402B...

This is the video submission for the 2020 Community Award Online Challenge sponsored by Google. Our team has spent valuable time spreading awareness for STEM throughout our community and through our STEM Advisory Board members. We have mentored new teams in lower grade levels and in the last 2 years, have gone from 4 district robotics teams, to a total of 30 teams. We have spent these last few years working as referees and score keepers as we hosted teams for leagues and tournaments.

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7983W Community and Outreach Video

7983W is a team that believes in giving back to our community. Whether it is through mentoring robotics students at local middle schools, helping out at local middle school and elementary VRC or VEX IQ tournaments, or by spreading girl power by hosting girl powered events for the Society of Women Engineers club, the members of 7983W do whatever they can to help and give back to their community.

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Legacy of Service

At first we were helped by others, then we paid it forward by helping others.  

We are proud to be a part of the legacy of service at Mary Our Queen School in Omaha, Nebraska.  We are team 985A (The Enlightened Luddites).

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Community Award Online Challenge Team #99402C...

This is the video submission for the Community Award Online Challenge for Team #99402C, Hurricane Katrina.

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Reaching Out: Community and Beyond


About Our Club: We are the G-4s, team 18891A.  We are the only 4-H VEX High School Robotics Team in New England.  Leadership and giving back to the community is what our 4-H VEX team is all about.  

About the Video: Our goal is to spread the word about the power of robotics and STEM education. 

  • To do this, we showcased VEX Robotics at the 5th largest fair in the United States, The Big E. 
  • To help expand VEX Robotics in the 4-H community, we mentored 4 new VEX...
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Inspiring Those Around Us


In this video, members of 7983T are interviewed and discuss how the individual members and the team as a whole have contributed to the STEM community. Topics of conversation include GirlPowered events, elementary school STEM nights, and competition volunteering. The team has served the community in many different ways, and they have touched the lives of many by introducing them to topics in STEM.

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Determining Our Impact - A 9421R Production


Vex Robotics VRC Team 9421R from Framingham MA, consists of CJ Crocker, Liam Donovan, Brady Levensohn, Tyler Garofalo, Zac Dustin, Nick Tessitore and Ryan McLoughlin. Along with being a successful robotics team, our goal is to enlarge our community and leave a positive impact on other teams and clubs such as 9791(a-z) and many more.

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16101Y Community Award Online Challenge



Team 16101Y was established for the 2018-2019 competition season and continues into this season. Last season we attended three local competitions, being in the top ten teams at two of those competitions, and qualified for states. At states, we were awarded the Design Award qualifying us for the Vex Worlds Competition, which we attended with two other teams from our school. This season we have attended one competition. At this competition, we won the Design Award and already qualified for states in Western Pa. Most importantly, our team aims to inspire others...

One VEX Team At A Time | 986A Grace Brethren...


Team 986A high school division has been in VEX Robotics since 2007. Since then we have assisted and volunteered at many competitions in 4 different surrounding counties including our own Ventura County.       

     In 2016 there was an explosion number of VRC teams and we started hosting VRC middle school competitions to enable the number of teams that we're unable to attend a competition in California. We were trying to fill a niche because there were not enough competitions to register the overflowing number of...