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Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

The Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google is presented to either VRC and/or VEX U teams that make a positive impact on STEM education opportunities in their community through leadership, outreach, mentorship, and support. The winning teams made many contributions outside their own school or organization that helps students, teams, coaches or mentors. Contributions may span multiple seasons. Contributions are not limited to REC Foundation or VEX Robotics programs; they may include any robotics or STEM education program.

The submission will show the team’s impact on one or more of these STEM education opportunities in their community, outside of their own school or organization:

  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new robotics teams or start new STEM programs or facilities.
  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new students, coaches, mentors, event partners or volunteers.
  • Leadership or support for registered VEX Robotics teams, competitions, or tournaments.
  • Leadership or support for registered workshops such as Girl Powered events.
  • Leadership or support for competitions, fairs, or programs in any STEM field.
  • Mentorship for robotics teams.
  • Any other leadership or volunteer support in the community related to STEM education or STEM activities.

Additionally, the submission will be judged on creativity and quality of the video.

The submission will be a video not to exceed 195 seconds (3 minute video and 15 seconds of required credits) that highlights the team’s community-wide contributions to STEM education programs. The video will be posted or uploaded to a video streaming service, and a link to the video will be submitted through the REC Foundation Online Challenge website.


"Costa to Community"



We are team 8054 from Mira Costa High School! We are dedicated to helping spread the engineering spirit in our community. From after school classes for elementary students to game booths at our local fair to expositions at TED events, we always strive to educate and inspire people with the possibilities of robotics.

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STEM Promotion in Pu Tai Elementary School


STEM Promotion at Pu Tai Elementary School


We want to promote our robot team in Elementary school. Also, we want to share ideas about STEM since Taiwan's education always focus on tests. Now, Taiwan’s educational system was just changed in September, which begins to pay attention to handwork and performance in multiple areas not like previous one. So, we decided to promote STEM, to make the students understand it more clearly.

First, our team members talk about STEM and VEX robotics competition. Then, we created...

Promoting STEM to the Next Generation


This season, 5509G, VHS Cavaliers, spent time in the community primarily by promoting robotics at our local Childrens' Museum STEM Day.  We also helped by mentoring an IQ team in CAD, and volunteered at a Middle School VRC Tournament.

Music: "Clear Progress" by Scott Holmes
Licensed under the Creative Commons Licensing Framework


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STEM Strength in Numbers

This video shares the journey of VEX Robotics team #373 as they reached out to the community to share robotics and STEM with more than 48,000 people in 2019. Our goal is to open doors of opportunity in STEM while helping the youth of our state find their people! 


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STL Robotics 82855G - "STL Robotics: The Family"


Team 82855G from STL Robotics is a team of eight enthusiastic members. STL robotics is made up of 60 people in six different teams with an additional 50 members in the robotics club. As leaders of this diverse school robotics community, members of team 82855G have provided assistance for other struggling teams, acted as teachers for programming and hardware aspects of robotics, and ensured the development of a strong, positive community to be formed within the school environment. 82855G has done multiple presentations at elementary schools that focused on promoting STEM courses and careers...

NanoRaiders Creations: Young ChangeMakers...

The NanoRaiders (60440A) of Bolingbrook High School (BHS) consists of members Trisha, Tejas, Arianna, Mathew, Nayantara, Yatziry, Emily, Alberto, Eric, Aidan, Ms. Ross (Sponsor), and Mr. Patnaik (Coach). We are the young Changemakers who are very active in promoting STEM locally in schools, district, community, and in state as well as outside. Our volunteering and outreach have spanned many seasons, starting from elementary school science fairs, continuing through middle schools, and onto our high school. Our Robotic team started out initially as purely a...


Entropy 170A Community Outreach

Team 170A is made of 5 team members with 20 years of collective experience in working with robotics. As a team, we've always felt that with the experience we've accumulated over the years we should spread it to the community, introducing kids to the world of engineering. This is why we started our own classes at a local community center. In these classes, we help kids develop a passion for robotics in a dynamic and engaging environment by teaching them fundamental concepts and allowing them to apply what they've learned to real, Vex IQ robots. 

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Building a Better Community

In this video, the three members of team Techno Tigers, 63840T, explain the many contributions they made in order to achieve the ultimate goal of building a stronger robotics community in Turkey. As the members of Techno Tigers, we have been translating manuals from English to Turkish since the day we started VEX robotics. This way, more people who do not speak English can access the manuals and start teams. Besides translating manuals, we have organized an offseason tournament where we explained how the game works and also gave seminars and taught...

7619X: Helping More Than Just Our Team and...


Highland's 7619X(which includes Adesh as the driver, Marcus and Alex as the builders, Angel as the Programmer, and Robert as the expert in the Notebook) has helped not only the the high school's program, by advising classes on our specific skills, but has made impacts in the community's interest in STEM. We have done this through local events such as The Wonderful World of Science, the STEM potassium, a preview night for Freshmen, and even maybe a carnival in the future, where we have made attractions that can be used by people of all ages to use, in order to have them excited...

VEX team 170A Community Award Submission Video...

170A is a VRC team out of Sammamish Washington. Our team started in 2017, and has members with 1 to 7 years of experience in the robotics field. We are a student lead, dedicated team that strives for excellence and always tries to raise the bar. We give back to the community by hosting classes that teach the VEX IQ curriculum and volunteering at local VRC, VEX IQ, and FIRST events. Sportsmanship and passion are very important qualities to us, and we believe they are integral to have in forming a successful team. 

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