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Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google

The Community Award Online Challenge Sponsored by Google is presented to either VRC and/or VEX U teams that make a positive impact on STEM education opportunities in their community through leadership, outreach, mentorship, and support. The winning teams made many contributions outside their own school or organization that helps students, teams, coaches or mentors. Contributions may span multiple seasons. Contributions are not limited to REC Foundation or VEX Robotics programs; they may include any robotics or STEM education program.

The submission will show the team’s impact on one or more of these STEM education opportunities in their community, outside of their own school or organization:

  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new robotics teams or start new STEM programs or facilities.
  • Leadership or outreach to recruit new students, coaches, mentors, event partners or volunteers.
  • Leadership or support for registered VEX Robotics teams, competitions, or tournaments.
  • Leadership or support for registered workshops such as Girl Powered events.
  • Leadership or support for competitions, fairs, or programs in any STEM field.
  • Mentorship for robotics teams.
  • Any other leadership or volunteer support in the community related to STEM education or STEM activities.

Additionally, the submission will be judged on creativity and quality of the video.

The submission will be a video not to exceed 195 seconds (3 minute video and 15 seconds of required credits) that highlights the team’s community-wide contributions to STEM education programs. The video will be posted or uploaded to a video streaming service, and a link to the video will be submitted through the REC Foundation Online Challenge website.


675E Robodragons Mentorship and Outreach Program


The Robodragons have been actively involved in our community. From mentoring new members to creating robotics programs at nearby schools, the passion for robotics and programming has expanded into the local area!

We want students to have a passion for STEM, robotics, and programming very early on. Therefore, we have helped start a robotics program at Couch Middle school and have helped with other robotics programs at Hull Middle School, Lawrenceville Elementary School, Alcova Elementary School, Victory World Christian School, Ferguson Elementary, Corely Elementary,...

8059blank. @Google Kid Powered


Over the 4th to 6th December, members of 8059blank, in partnership with Saturday Kids, REC Foundation Vex Robotics and Google conducted a kid powered robotics programmes for young children aged from 7-16. We were able to teach these new faces in robotics the basics, as well as share our experience at VEX competitions, and how robotics reaches beyond just robots. We would like to thank Google Vex Robotics and REC Foundation for organising this event and giving us this opportunity to learn, teach and share during this kids powered event!


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Myths that transcend borders


The video represents the Paraguayan culture that we want to expand all over the world, showing a little about the typical dishes, drinks and handicrafts that are the riches of our country.
It is also a compilation of our daily life at school, learning as fun within the institution where this robotics team was born, with the step-by-step recorded of our process and growth for this competition. The video aims to be a driver for the next generations.

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"Welcome To 1757"

Hello, this is the community award online challenge for 1757A! This is our first time doing any online challenge and we wanted to show that robotics is much more than just the competition and technology, and rather the human interaction and caring community that supports it. While the members of our team are constantly learning and developing our skills for the future, the effect that our tight-knit group has is immeasurable. Many have come to our program from bad home lives with no educational plan and have ended up going to college for majors like engineering because of VEX and our...

Eastwood Robotics Community Service


Eastwood Roobtics Presents its Community Award.  Eastwood Roobtics is proud to say that we have impacted the El Paso Area in terms of Robotics and STEM.  We have always promoted Robotics, by doing presentations, hosting tournaments, doing summer camps and partnering with local companies to raise money for the largest Girl Powered in the world and more.  We are proud of all our work and here is 2019-20 Community Award video.



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Vex Community Service


We created a video compilation of all of our team's community outreach this year.

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MXR 1669X Community Award Submission


This is our community award submission, where we highlight things we've done for the community like hosting camps, classes, GirlPowered Workshops, and tournaments. 

Music: (No Copyright) Inspirational Cinematic Background Music For Videos and Films - by AShamaluevMusic

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Our Community

We are an UK robotics team, called Synapse, in Year 10, competing in the VEX EDR Robotics Competition 2019-2020, studying at the prestigious Queen Elizabeth's School For Boys. We have competed in the VEX programme for over 2 years, winning many accolades at regional, national and even International stages of the competition. Team Synapse (20785B) is a team comprised of 6 individuals who work extremely hard to create a well-rounded program which encompasses key values i.e. leadership, trust , whilst giving back to the community whilst we can. 

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449X - Leadership and Outreach

449X is an brand new independent team from Riverside, California with two members. Though Tower Takeover is our first season as 449X, one member started out in the In The Zone season. For this submission, we wanted to show our passion for robotics and STEM fields and how we incorporated that into our community. In such a short time, we've been able to impact our local area through workshops and starting new STEM programs for others to expand their interests.

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'Giving Back' | 3116A's Community Award Video


We are Team 3116A and within our years of being involved with VEX Robotics, our community has always been posed in the centre of the VEX engineering world. It is our core belief that it is vital positive attitudes about STEM are spread, in order to increase the amount of students going into these types of careers due to the deficit of UK Engineers. We have introduced VEX Robotics into several schools where we have been able to influence the ideas behind engineering, as well as allow students to express themselves within a STEM related field. Our team and organisation has worked tirelessly...