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Created: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 9:05 AM

1073F "Styx" from Omaha, Nebraska sponsored two teams from a nearby elementary and two teams from a middle school. We hosted an all day workshop, Our team demonstrated engineer notebooks, building tips, programming 101, and key aspects of "Squared Away" to the students and their coaches. Our club registered the new teams and hosted them at our annual tournament. One elementary team won the "Think Award." They will each register FIVE VEX IQ teams next year!!!


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This video was created by 1073F "Styx." It highlights the Saturday workshop they hosted for two new IQ clubs (4 teams)in our region. The 7th grade VRC students, former IQ competitors, demonstrated IQ notebooks, designs, and strategies to the coaches and students. They also supported the teams at two local tournaments and will mentor them at the state championships.


   snommew630 on 01/14/2020

love it *clap clap*