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Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 1:25 PM

Team 2316 A, Tiger Robotics, from Arecibo Puerto Rico presents its Community Award video.  As part of our Community Outreach we began a series of workshops with the Boys and Girls Clubs in Arecibo to help them learn about robotics and to register their first team for the 2020 VEX season.  The Boys and Girls Club in Arecibo serves a community located in a public housing project in need for opportuniest like this one to engage the young into STEM activities.


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This video presents the first of a series of workshop presented by Team 2316 A to the Boys and Girls Clubs in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. As part of our community outreach we are presenting the world of VEX robotics to this group and will help them register their first team for the 2020 season.