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Entry ID #: 7404
Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 2:22 PM

We're 2602 G-GOATs from Hopkinton High School (Hopkinetics Club) and we wanted to give back to the community by giving a glimpse of STEM to young girls and boys. We also raised money for female education around the world in places such as India, Brazil, and Pakistan. We hope you enjoy the video of our award. 


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We're Team 2602 G-GOATs from Hopkinton, Massachusetts, and this is our community service video!


   Cbmary1 on 01/18/2020

Fantastic job!!

   tikoosameer on 01/18/2020

Way to go...You rock!

   dixithardik on 01/18/2020

Outstanding work.

   BhartiJani on 01/18/2020

Good Job. Well done.

   manhar.jani on 01/18/2020


   gurleen1 on 01/17/2020

Wow! This one of the greatest entries that have been submitted this year! You guys should definitely win!

   hliang on 01/17/2020

Great job!

   ramalingamprudhvi on 01/16/2020

This was Great!

   sruthikollapalli on 01/16/2020

Awesomee video

   vinay.prudhivi on 01/16/2020


   sheabbe30 on 01/15/2020

Such an inspiring video

   mzolotareva on 01/15/2020

It's great to see you guys giving back to the community. I'm so proud of you girls. It's amazing a strong female team working hard to ensure the equality in STEM :) Great job yall.

   fxdyjy on 01/15/2020

Great efforts for community service and give back to the community. Really proud of what your team have done to the society. Your team are amazing!

   RoboDude2000 on 01/15/2020

You guys did an amazing job! Nice work!

   PowerPandas on 01/14/2020

This was great! You guys really put in a lot of work and amazing job!