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KIS VEX Community Outreach


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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 5:49 AM

About Our Club Korea International School Vex Robotics is a high-school robotics program from South Korea. As a robotics club, we provide opportunities for students to collaborate, engineer, and design their own robots while fostering an appreciation for STEM in the school community. The website is a compilation of the club's history since 2014. It reminds all the new and veteran members of the successes and efforts made by the Vex Robotics Club, representing the continuity of the program throughout the years.  About Our Video We made our video using Final Cut Pro, a powerful editing software, and we showcased KIS VEX Robotics Club's impactful role in our community. Our VEX Club members have dedicated their time and effort into inspiring our community. We used Motion, another powerful software application, to time the text for the introduction, as well as the transitions. The timing was set to match the beat and tempo of the background music. We made this happen because we thought that with the interactive text, we would be able to attract and grab the viewer's attention at first glance. Although the text-making process was troublesome, we think that we would be able to attract the viewer's attention successfully and deliver our message about our impacts on the community.


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Links / Videos

This is the link to our Youtube Video for our school club's community outreach.