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Redemption robotics 2382A supporting Puerto Rico future


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Created: Tue, Jan 14, 2020 10:15 AM

Our team consists of Josue Cotto and Gabriel Cotto. Josue is the captain, the, builder and the driver. Gabriel is the coach, designer programmer, journalist and backup driver. Our team name is Redemption robotics. We are a Friend team (brothers) from Toa Alta, Puerto Rico. Our mentor and sponsor is Israel Cotto. The team design, construct and program are after school hours and on weekends at our house. We work in the robot four to five times a week. We have been presenting the robotic program to our current school to motivate them to create a robotic program in the school. We created a new robotic chapter in our school and started with a new team 2382B that is compose of 4 high school students.


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As of 2018, we were an independent team that consisted of Josue Cotto, my twin brother (who does design and construction, driver), Israel Cotto (our coach and father), and me, Gabriel Cotto (the programmer, Auto CAD designer, journalist and captain ). As a family, we concluded that once our team graduated that would be the end of our years in robotics. And after hurricane Maria many of the teams disbanded as they faced too many difficulties or sadly backed out. So, we thought “why not end our year teaching some new students in robotics and give them our name”. That’s why we determined to change our independent team status to a team from our new school at Corozal, Puerto Rico. For this reason, we determined to work with the school to create a robotic chapter. After we discussed the strategy with the school director and mentioned the opportunities that the student could receive, she accepted and permitted us to perform an open house for the school. For it we brought our court to the school and did a demonstration of the robot and explained to the kids and parents the competitions processes, skills, and opportunities. A group of students agreed to participate, and the school gave us an unused classroom in bad condition. We created a fund racing event for this new team since they were students whose parents were not able to cover the expenses. We were able to obtain 700 dollars from the fund racing and the school gave us 800. With this we were able to prepare the classroom with the support of the parents using around 5 Saturdays. We built a court and we also purchased used parts from students that are no longer participating in robotics competitions.We donate our time to provide classes to the new team on Mondays and Thursdays after class and Saturdays from 8 am to 12 pm. We started the journey by teaching the team to design the robot, how to program ,and how to document the information in the notebook. Sadly this team didn’t posses a computer that could permit them to code and program but we did have a spare computer so we gave it to them and it worked fine.The team was able to complete the construction of their 1st robot and participate in the Puerto Rico League competition. The team was able to do autonomous during the competition and have a good competitive robot. The redemption robotic 2382B team have been learning and created an extraordinary bond between the students and the families. We have observed that the families are so excited in the process and show full support.