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Created: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 9:00 AM

Welcome to the Firestone Family! We are a community of student-lead engineers with a passion for the STEM principles and creating a pathway for a better future! From our wonderful VEX robotics community, to our PLTW program, and all the way to our cardboard canoes, we drive to give students a hands-on experience in engineering fields like no other! With six robotics teams, six PLTW engineering courses, and countless volunteering opertunities, we have created an organization with a lasting impact in our community. Meet the Web-Developers! Originally created back in 2015-2016 by Erica Kraus, the website has been passed down through numerous members such as Logan Benninghoff and Mica Heffner before reaching our current web-designers; Aine Bolton and Andrew Stallsmith, two students of the Firestone Engineering Club. Meet the Sponsors! We cannot be more thankful for our wonderful sponsors; the GPD Foundation, Ferro Trade, Owings Law, and numerous members of the Firestone Robotics Booster Club!


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Follow the link to see the Firestone PLTW Robotics and Engineering Community website; created by Aine Bolton and Andrew Stallsmith.


   confucious on 01/15/2020

Good website, but wish it was HTML and you didn't use a domain creator (Wix).