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Created: Mon, Sep 9, 2019 10:58 AM

The Team Our team is centered around the idea of learning and developing, with wining as an added bonus. We are not your average VEX Team. To us, it is about learning--not competition. At La Cueva, all of our teams work together. Each robot is everyone's robot, and we help each other solve problems. We feel as if the learning aspect of VEX is the most important, and the winning is just an extra part of that. The Website One of our team members, Zayne Faulhaber, hand-coded this website to demonstrate that our team values coding the same as we do building. We also made this website from scratch to show that we are willing to put in more time and effort to produce a better design.


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Coded from scratch by one of our team members, Zayne Faulhaber, we used this competition as a way to show that we value coding as much as we do building. He hand-coded this website to show that we are willing to put in extra time and work for a better product, as well as show the diversity of coding that our team possesses.


   theusuary on 01/16/2020


   nbryce on 01/15/2020

My favorite website of the season! I admire Zayne for coding it fully in HTML. He has pushed the competition to an entirely new level. This is no template--this is 100% the work of a student. It definitely stands out from my Google Site last year. I am also impressed by the site's modern simplicity. There are no distracting graphics. Everything is crisp, clean, and readable. For a first year team (as noted in the site), I am simply blown away. Good luck to you all!

   Jake9 on 01/15/2020


   seenwuv on 01/15/2020

you guys are really smart

   bellawillhite on 01/15/2020


   derrickniu on 01/15/2020


   192837 on 01/15/2020


   192837 on 01/15/2020


   le_poo_poo_pee_pe on 01/15/2020

whooooo hoooo lets go bears

   Bwillhite1 on 01/15/2020

So excited!!!

   lukesilva on 01/15/2020

I can't believe this is your guys first year as a team. Great Work!

   jyangccbb13 on 01/14/2020

Awesome website!

   Mariosumali on 01/14/2020

Let's go Lacueva!

   confucious on 01/14/2020

The Best Team. Great Website!!