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Created: Thu, Dec 26, 2019 3:47 AM

Digvijay's Object is an open source community started by Digvijay ( 14 year old ) in 2018. We believe that there are millions of people around the globe who have innovative ideas to solve modern world problems and there are people who can make it happen, we connect people and help in advancing this world. On our team, we have pixhawk engineers, machine learning practitioners, Arduino and Raspberry Pi inventors who are together working towards open sourcing Robotics. The great part about us is that we have people working with us from across the globe for a common good. We have made tons of open source projects happen and shared them with the world. We organize local events and participate in tech programs in our city. The reason why we are so passionate about VEX is becuase it will help us spread the word out to a wider and more enthusiatic audience. We are looking forward for making a grand project for VEX competitions.  Our sponsor - Yellow Fame have supported us since starting and have themselves organized events for educating people about Robotics and Open Source technology.


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