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A 100% LanceBotics 200 Website


Entry ID #: 6961
Created: Sat, Dec 28, 2019 11:34 PM

For the past three years, I have been in charge of designing and managing content for the LanceBotics website. This year being my last on the team as a senior in high school, I decided to change things up, with a completely new design and a whole lot more content to share our stories. My plan was to make a website that looked like no other. I thought to myself, "What if I used 100% of my brain?" Which, although it is a meme, it made me realise that many websites didn't use all the space on screens for content, and there was extra space everywhere. So I thought to myself again, "What if I used 100% of the website space?". While designing the website, I was told by some that it was "abnormal" and that I should've stuck to a simpler, classic and cliche design. But as new screens on phones push to the edge of their housing and new TVs have almost no bezels, it's only normal for us to adjust our website content to fit this new push towards using all the space we have available. I hope you enjoy reading about my team as much as I enjoyed developing this website and participating on this wonderful team!


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This is probably the least padded website you have ever seen. Enjoy!


   sahar_girlpwrd on 02/24/2020

Every year after graduating I love to come back and look at all the entries for the online competition - imagine my surprise when i see the good ol' number of 200! Sam, I don't know if you remember me (you were grade 9, me grade 12), but I loved looking through our website! It looks super fresh and the stories are all so adorable. You guys make the unorthodox work! The personal touches are just <chefs kiss>! I'm so proud of the direction you took this site and how the team has grown (an all girl's team? CRAZY!!!) Great job on carrying on the legacy!