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Created: Wed, Jan 1, 2020 8:06 PM

The Leo Robotics (141A and B teams) website is located at: This is a hand crafted website using HTML and CSS by Killian Babb and Aurora Kennedy -- one member from each team working on the united website.  It introduces both teams, discusses our mentors, provides information about how the teams were started and how our team reaches out to the broader VEX robotics community. The website itself was coded using: Visual Studio Code: TopStyle: Both are great tools, but TopStyle has hit end of life.  Visual Studio Code is free and works on most operating systems. Thanks for visiting!


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The Leo Robotics website for the Robotics Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell.


   kennedyjd on 02/01/2020

Are we allowed to update the website while judging is still happening? We have several updates, but have been holding off.

   kennedyjd on 01/18/2020

Quick note: for some reason sometimes when you open the team website from it makes the link https verses http. The team website is not encrypted. Please use Thanks!

   boydsfoulk on 01/14/2020

Excellent Job on this! The Hard Work, Creativity, and passion for learning really show here!

   kennedyjd on 01/12/2020

Don't forget to checkout the error page!! Either scramble the webpage name your on or go direct to: