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Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 7:00 PM

The Dream Team! Our independent team was formed in 2018 with friends from school. We are five current 8th graders who pride ourselves on our tenacity, resourcefulness, and creativity. Fun Fact: Our team number (37326T) is derived from the numbers on a keypad that correlate with the letters DreamT.  We were fortunate recipients of multiple STEM and Excellence Awards, a Design Award and qualifications to Vex California State Championship and Create's U.S. Open Robotics Championship since our inception. Our website, designed by all five members, showcases our VEXIQ journey, teamwork, and achievements.  Since we started our team last year and experienced the difficulties navigating the Vex program, we decided to provide some helpful tips in the form of several informative videos. We hope these STEM project, Engineering notebook, and tournament tips will help brand new teams starting out. Our website is: It is fully designed and coded by the Dream Team.  


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Check out our journey and tips for rookie teams on our fully self-coded website!