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Created: Fri, Jan 10, 2020 10:27 PM

About The Website This website showcases Enver Creek's (4549) robotics program and all the teams involved. We also include information about our school. Each team has their own page where they showcase things like their robot, awards and members of the team. Our website also showcases the VEX Robotics Competition and information about VEX. Programming And Design It was programmed and designed by one of the members on 4549A, Sajan Toor, using ReactJS, a frontend JavaScript framework developed by Facebook. Designing the website was done using Adobe Illustrator, input was taken from members of Enver Creek's robotics program as well as the coach, Ruben Heredia. ReactJS allowed development to become easier and more and more components were created such as a text component or an instagram component using the Instagram API. As ReactJS is a server side framework, the website is hosted on Google Firebase. Along with clean and efficent code and service workers, utilizing Google's servers maximized peformance. The website is completely open source, located on Github:


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Envertronics's website hosted on Google Firebase!

Website was developed using ReactJS and is completely open source!