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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 10:25 AM

Our school started our VEX program in 2014 during the Skyrise season. We started with only two teams, and from there, we've only grown in size. When the Nothing But Net season started, we remained at two teams. But it was here that our school made our mark: we started to win awards, and we even had our very first qualification for Worlds! Starstruck was when we saw some massive growth - we went from 2 teams to 7! We also had another qualification to Worlds, and we started reaching out more to our community by starting our school's VEX camps and doing the Mini-Maker Faire. During the In The Zone season, we shrunk down on the teams. We again qualified for Worlds, only this time we had two teams go. We continued with community outreach. In Turning Point, our teams brought home many awards. While there were no Worlds qualifications this year, we had two teams go to our State competition. Now, our school's entered our fifth year of robotics: Tower Takeover. We've seen an increase in mentoring middle school teams, and we have people volunteering to judge and referee Vex IQ tournaments. We currently have one team already qualified for State, and we have high hopes for our other ones! Our biggest goal is to experience Worlds again and bring home more awards.


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