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Created: Mon, Jan 6, 2020 9:58 AM

Exothermic Robotics is one of the longest-standing VEX robotics club in Washington State. The club provides the resources necessary for teams to succeed in Vex Robotics Competitions and is completely student-run. Our teams have competed in Worlds multiple times and have performed exceedingly well. This website, built completely from scratch, focuses on presenting our prestigious history and support network to prospective members.


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Washington's oldest VEX Club


   exothermic_creation on 01/25/2020

@oliroso + 9181X We're so happy that you like the website! Thanks for your feedback on the main page, it means a lot to us! -10C Exothermic Creation

   exothermic_creation on 01/25/2020

@[email protected] Thank you for the thoughtful comment and we're glad you like our website! We hope our website can promote our club and vex robotics to the public. -10C Exothermic Creation

   aiden.thomas.pyle on 01/21/2020

Amazing job!! This is one of the best entries I have seen in recent memory.

   oliroso on 01/14/2020

Amazing website! Love the main page - fantastic video footage! - 9181X