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Created: Sat, Jan 11, 2020 6:53 PM

Rock-G-Bots and RockBots! We are a team of 5 girls how want to make a difference in robotics and inspire other people and 10 boys who are hardworkers and creative at VEX! Our teams work everyday to succed for what we put our mind to. This schools has a robotics club for our teams to help young kids become what they dream and help with ideas! Creators of websites! When we saw this challange online we were like yes we have to do it. We had so many ideas and with all of our creatives and bright teammates we can do it and not only do it but do it awsome. Thanks to Emily Tamayo, Mia Campbell, Eva Roger, Maya Prieto, Jacqueline Casares for making this website happen!  Sponsors! Thanks to STYROPEK, SFMA, DYPLAST and TMSO we are a sponsored team!


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In this website you can see all of our school teams Robot, Missions, Awards, Events, and Pictures.


   joe69 on 01/15/2020