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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 3:28 AM

About SJBCS Robotics:  We are a third-year middle school VEX IQ team from Honolulu, Hawaii. Our school, St. John the Baptist Catholic School, began our program in 2017 under the guidance of our current coach Ms. Danielle Sato and principal Mrs. Carol Chong. We are a student-led team with diverse members from a variety of grade levels.  About our Website:  Our student-created and coded website is the first of its kind for our robotics program. This is our first time creating and submitting a website to any VEX online challenge and it has been a great learning opportunity for everyone on our team. In September 2019 we did not have anyone who could code a website and after working as a team to research the process, we created our first ever website.The head of our website design, is one of our two co-captains, Kayleb Damaso. Our team worked together to create a webpage coded entirely with Sublime text. For our program the creation of this site is a tremendous feat and a very important moment in our program's history.  Although our design is very simple, we did our best to address the points of interest while working with our basic knowledge of website design and coding. Our main focus was to create a website that showcased our past achievements and our program's growth over the last three years. We are a team that believes that even the smallest steps towards progress and improvement is a triumph that should be celebrated. Our Sponsors We would like to recognize Friends of Hawaii Robotics for their contributions to our team.  We hope you enjoy our website. 


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Follow this link to see the SJBCS Robotics Program website for Team 678S The Golden Monarchs of St. John the Baptist Catholic School. This website was created and coded by Kayleb Damaso and the students of Team 678S.