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Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 7:32 AM

Our website is designed as a way to help other teams scout during competitions, as well as a portal to the MHS Splash program that we are heavily involved in. In Splash, we take the time to instruct younger students who have not yet entered High School in the basics of robotics and programming. Not only do they learn valuable skills, our program is guaraunteed to thrive as this ultimately feeds into the main Robotics Program. In this website you can quickly become involved in the Millburn Robotics community by joining Splash, or by joining our team, as per provided instructions. For distant teams for which this is impossible, you can better your chances of winning locally by having a reliable, machine learning powered scouting engine at your finger tips, trained on data provided by VexDB in order to better choose alliance partners during Elimination Rounds. Our program not only helps the community around us through Splash, but also has more far reaching consequences for teams that would benefit from making wiser decisions about their teammates during Elims. 


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