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Robotics Team Website Challenge Sponsored by Dell

The Robotics Team Website Challenge sponsored by Dell is a challenge asking you to develop a website that promotes your entire robotics program. This may include:

  • Your VEX IQ Challenge, VEX Robotics Competition, or VEX U team(s),
  • Other robotics programs in which you participate,
  • Outreach/mentoring activities,
  • Your Past/Present/Future (what you have done, who you are, where you are, and what you plan to do in the future),
  • And how to join.

In short, build a website that tells the world how great is youth robotics and how special is your program. You are encouraged to promote all the STEM activities in which your robotics program participates (VRC, BEST, Botball, FIRST, TSA, PLTW, SKILLS USA, SKILLS Canada, underwater robotics, workshops, camps, math competitions, bridge building, solar-powered cars, etc.)

Bonus points provided for website that provides recognition for sponsors, teachers, mentors, and schools.


Página TAL 2


Este es el enlace a nuestra página web:

Aquí podremos saber un poco más sobre el equipo de "TAL 2" a su vez en esta página se puede llenar el formulario para intententar formar parte de el.

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The website for PPCMS west campus robotics club. Shows the past of the club and the present status of it. It contains 9 primary pages describing the club, its current teams, and contact information for the club. Here is the link:

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Hurricane Robotics website


This website is for the Hurricane Robotics Program in North Carolina. Click on the link to check out our website. Thanks!

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IronMechs ( 99157 ) Organization Website


We are VEX Robotics teams located in Haymarket, VA. We have 2 teams - Team 99157A (IronMechs) and 99157B (IronMechs 2.0).  Team 99157A is our older team that has been competing for about six years.  Team 99157B, our younger team, was added about one year ago.  Team 99157A competes in the high school division and Team 99157B competes in the  middle school divisions.

The IronMechs 2.0 (99157B) diligently worked to produce this website to share with the VEX robotics community on what our club is like. We hope to encourage more students to participate in...


Holland MS 68689 Tower Takeover Website


Jerry D. Holland Middle School's VEX Tower Takeover Website.

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Thornhill Knights 18068A Team Website


Welcome to team 18068A the Thornhill Knights! As a growing rookie team situated in the Thornhill region, we strive to promote STEM in our local comunity while continously giving back. Follow us on our jouney in Tower Takeover! 

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CoZmic Robot engineering


We are a neighborhood group of middle school-students with a passion for discovery and adventure in learning. Come see our learning of the engineering principles with robotics as we gain a foundation for solving real-world problems.

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Bionic Beef's Website


This is a website telling you about Bionic Beef from Southpointe Middle School. It contains information about our team, our robot, our competition, and it inlcudes information that can help others with VEX competition. We have enter this challenge to gain experience on creatng a website and to document our progress with VEX.

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STEM Strength in Numbers


This website shares the journey of VEX Robotics team #373 as they reached out to the community to share robotics and STEM with more than 48,000 people in 2019. Our goal is to open doors of opportunity in STEM while helping the youth of our state find their people! We do that through hours of community outreach, representing our state in competitive robotics as well as partnering with a diverse group of investors to ensure the growth of STEM enrichment in our state. Join us to complete a challenge, drive a robot or hear about our latest camp - whatever you do, take time to invest in...


Maverick Robotics Zone



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2854 Roarbots Website


Let's Roar Together!

We are Team 2854, the Roarbots, the robotics organization of Lake Creek High School from Houston, Texas. Visit our website here. As a diverse but tight-knit team of high-schoolers, we compete in the VEX Robotics Competition and encourage STEM education in the next generation through our Rookie Roarboticists program. This is our second season as a program, growing from 10 members and two teams to 32 members and five teams. Having been to the VEX World...


PUPR Team Website Challenge Entry


The official website for the PUPR VEX Robotics team.

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Syntechs Robotics


The original website launched in early November 2019 as part of our outreach that we wanted to do this season. It has been constantly updated with new photos and statistics since Day 1. After Christmas, we started working on a brand new redesign. After over 36 hours of using the power of HTML, CSS, and Mobirise (a cool unique website builder), we put out v5.0 a week later.

The benefit of using the combination of all three is substantial. We chose Mobirise because of it's flexibility of exporting your site to any hosting...

Korea International School VEX Robotics Website


About Our Club
Korea International School Vex Robotics is a high-school robotics program from South Korea. As a robotics club, we provide opportunities for students to collaborate, engineer, and design their own robots while fostering an appreciation for STEM in the school community. The website is a compilation of the club's history since 2014. It reminds all the new and veteran members of the successes and efforts made by the Vex Robotics Club, representing the continuity of the program throughout the years. 

About Our...


Golden Hawks Robotics Website


I hope that the information we provided about our robotics program is helpful.

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76209 SSIS Robotics Website


The goal of this website is to help people interested in robotics learn more about VEX, and our club.

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SJBCS Robotics Website


About SJBCS Robotics: 

We are a third-year middle school VEX IQ team from Honolulu, Hawaii. Our school, St. John the Baptist Catholic School, began our program in 2017 under the guidance of our current coach Ms. Danielle Sato and principal Mrs. Carol Chong. We are a student-led team with diverse members from a variety of grade levels. 

About our Website

Our student-created and coded website is the first of its kind for our robotics program. This is our first time creating and submitting a...


This Is Woodbridge Robotics


We are an engineering-based school that values the importance of STEAM education and clubs. Woodbridge Robotics is focused and determined to teach students the values of engineering-based activities through rigorous challenges and exciting opportunities.

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E pluribus unum


Welcome to our virtual home. We are team 12065A.  

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Robotic Team Website Challenge


This TiTaNs Teams website represents our youth's, mentor's, sponsors's with both corporate and education department partnerships approach and implementation of robotics within our school and extended community. We have two very unique programs in addition to the integration of robotics in our STEM Engineering and Design Technology courses, which are our NPO(Rakuten+Education Japan+St.Mary's community partnership) and our newly established International Robotic Honor Society programs. Our teams have built underwater robotics, arduino laser cutting robots, arduino drawing...


Rebel Robotics Website


This is the Rebel Robotics Website.

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NPHS VEX Team 899 Website


Welcome to NPHS VEX!

This is the link to our website, which provides an insight to our community of self-made engineers and our progress during this season. You can also take a look into our outreach programs and find out how to start some at your own school by contacting us! Find out where we have been by sifting through the competitions we have attended, and take a look at what we have done in the past through our media!

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Dell Challenge: 7405N


Our website is designed as a way to help other teams scout during competitions, as well as a portal to the MHS Splash program that we are heavily involved in. In Splash, we take the time to instruct younger students who have not yet entered High School in the basics of robotics and programming. Not only do they learn valuable skills, our program is guaraunteed to thrive as this ultimately feeds into the main Robotics Program. In this website you can quickly become involved in the Millburn Robotics community by joining Splash, or by joining our team, as per provided instructions. For...


The Cracker Crew


Our website retells the story of our journey in Robotics, and shares the tale of our robot, Speedy. Our website teaches our viewers of the challenge that is Vex IQ, and gives an insight to how hard (but fun) it really is. The website shows pictures and videos of Speedy, and what our next goals as a team are. It shows our team spirit and cooperation, and even some struggles we ran into together. It shares our past and future tournaments we compete in with Speedy, and we recognize all those who have helped us to succeed in our robotics season. 

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Team KERANA Web Site


The Robotics team of the Colegio Técnico Nacional (CTN) is made up of 5 students elected by the Electronics Specialty Coordinator. This team's goal is to leave a learning platform based on Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) as a legacy to future school promotions, in order to shorten distances, match starting conditions, and enhance individuality. The objectives are: create recreation spaces, acquire experiences through competitions and work as a team.

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AON Robotics Team Website


Here is the link to the website:


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Hisar Mechatronics Website


This is the website of Hisar Mechatronics, submitted as the online challenge entry for team 63840H, Hestia, which is a VRC team of the organization Hisar Mechatronics. In the website, information about all of Hisar Mechatronics' projects, all programs Hisar Mechatronics teams have participated in or are currently participating in, all teams, our school, our mentor and many other areas is provided. The website also lists other platforms in which Hisar Mechatronics is active. Finally, information about how to join our team or how to contact us is also included on the website alongside...


HZR 929A


We are from Hereford Middle School. This is our second year in robotics. We enjoy this challenge because it taught us something new. It also brought us together as a team.

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SBHS Robotics Website


This is our full club robotics website. The home page has our last year's promo videos for four teams. The next tabs have each team's individual pages, with robot info, team skills, and team bios. 

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Our VRC Website | 20785 website


We are 20785B a VRC team hailing from Barnet, London. We have designed a website for our school, showing robotics and STEM achievement and endavours and recognising the 20785 (Queen Elizabeth) teams

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Centereach CouGears Robotics Website



VRC Team 38211A was first formed in the winter of 2016-2017, and since then, has grown to become a large, welcoming group of students from all different walks of life who have come together to build robots. We have had websites in the past, and this year we have revamped our website to present our team as a whole and show what we have done in our 4 years as a team. Thank you!

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Riihimäki Robotics Website


The website of Riihimäki's robotics teams.

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Collierville High School VEX Robotics Website


Our school started our VEX program in 2014 during the Skyrise season. We started with only two teams, and from there, we've only grown in size.

When the Nothing But Net season started, we remained at two teams. But it was here that our school made our mark: we started to win awards, and we even had our very first qualification for Worlds!

Starstruck was when we saw some massive growth - we went from 2 teams to 7! We also had another qualification to Worlds, and we started reaching out more to our community by starting our school's VEX camps and doing the...


242 Robotics Website


This site showcases the HGP team, as well as the events we have participated in, and our process. It also serves as a resource to other local teams, and describes some of the opportunities we have had to help other schools/clubs in our area. 

It was developed entirely by students, using HTML/CSS/PHP/SQL. There is a backend, where team captains can add information in a WYSIWYG type editor that was developed by students. It connects to our back-end database to display up-to-date information in real time. This is a work-in-progress...and probably...


Brookwood High School Robotics Program Website


At Brookwood High School in Snellville, Georgia, we participate in VRC and TSA. This is our website to demonstrate what we are currently doing in our club and community, and how you can join us to make friends, and become a better engineer!

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Highlands Intermediate Robotics


Welcome to our team website.

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North Union Robotics Website


This website was created to display our school's love of VEX Robotics, to communicate with teams, and to share important news with our community.

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VEX 90819 Official Website


Here is our brand new team's official website! This our first year as a team, and the website has everything you need to know about us!

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Wooster Highscool website


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South Lake Middle School Website


Engineering is really fun because you get to experience all different kinds of education regarding robotics, cybersecurity, and coding. Most of these are challenging, but experiencing working with different people makes everything more fun. Engineering is incorporated into several things at South Lake. A few of them are the Horizon Grand Prix, Vex, and CyberPatriot. Engineering has taught us the skill of being persistent by learning several solutions to one problem. 

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Centennial Robotics


This is a website about our robotics club with all of its members. The site has information about the 2019-2020 competition game and why others should join the program.

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Hurricane Robotics


This is our website submission for the 2020 Robotics Team Website Challenge sponsored by Dell.

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Beckman Robotics Program Website


Attached is a link to the Beckman Robotics website containing all the information about are program. We are team 2496 with teams 2496 Y, J, N, X, N, & W.

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SMC Website Challenge


We are a group of highly-motivated community college students at Santa Monica College (SMC) who want to introduce STEM disciplines to students who have not had an experience in it and enrich SMC's STEM program by providing the opportunity to prepare for and engage in competitions and other projects related to robotics as a supplement to the curricular program. We are currently the only club at our school that provides a long-term collaborative engineering project.

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Lambert Robotics


Lambert Robotics

Lambert Robotics Website

This website was made over multiple weeks with input and collaboration from all members of Lambert Robotics. We feel that this website greatly represents us as a whole and we hope you enjoy :). 
This website was made using HTML, CSS, and java and is hosted using GitHub pages.

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