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Kool Kanissorn with Tray Bot


Entry ID #: 7063
Created: Tue, Jan 7, 2020 5:59 PM

Hi, We are team 11462C. We are a middle school team from Las Vegas, Nevada. The picture you see is Me, the driver, Kanissorn C.. I am the Team Captain and Driver of the team. Next to me is a tray bot me and my team took 3-4 months to build and about a week 2 program everything. The robot consists of intaking 6-7 cubes using these arms with intakes that have flaps to intake the cubes up the tray. We took this picture to show you that our robot can stack 6 cubes with me next to it. We finally accomplished stacking 6 cubes. This is why we took this picture to show our robot has potential to go against middle and high school teams at our local competitions. Thank You for taking the time to read this and looking at our picture. Sincerely, 11462C.


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