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Never give up


Entry ID #: 7598
Created: Sun, Jan 12, 2020 2:32 AM

We are team 10520A from Shanghai hongkou district youth activity center. Each of us is from different school,came to this team with our love for VEX IQ robot. Arrive in the venue of this competition——Baoding,do a simple rest,ushered in the exciting game. We were very nervous because everything was unknown. Unluckily,for various reason,in the first few games,we made some mistakes and did not get a satisfactory result. After a while we met the judges. Although we were a little down in the dumps because of the results,we tried to face the judge as seriously as possible. We also hoped to have good result in the next race but the result was mediocre. We knew we had won VEX IQ’s top prize。We were very excited,all our efforts, never gave up for this prize. We never felt so honored, so proud.  This is the story behind this photo, it carried our efforts, our dreams!


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